Valheim Pickaxe Guide

 Pickaxe sounds like something you should get right away, right? Wrong. This guide will show you what it takes to get your first pickaxe in Walheim.

Valheim is currently in Early Access, and while there is a stone pickaxe on the wiki, it appears to be missing from the game. Instead, this guide will tell you how to get an Improved Horn Pickaxe that will remain useful even after solving this problem.

How to get a pickaxe in Walheim

How to get a pickaxe in Walheim

When you first enter the world, you're told to hunt bosses and nothing more. To do this, the first boss is added to your map when you interact with a glowing runestone.

We're bringing this up now because defeating Eiktir will unlock the Staghorn Pickaxe.

Take your time with this, as the boss is pretty strong, so keep moving in the Meadows area collecting materials and building your base - no need to rush for the pickaxe.

After collecting a full set of leather armor and three types of food, take your weapon and head north. Do not eat food until you are ready to summon Eiktir. If you're feeling insecure, you can build a small base with a spawn bed nearby.

To summon this first boss, you need to make sacrifices. In this case, these are two deer trophies. Collect them or bring them with you and get ready for battle. Make sure your armor is equipped and eat your food. Food in Walheim provides an initial health boost, so you'll never be as strong as when your health bar rises after eating.

Defeat Boss Eiktir in Walheim

Defeat Boss Eiktir in Walheim

Eiktir has a lot of health and some pretty powerful ranged attacks similar to lightning. However, his main strength is in hand-to-hand combat, so the best strategy for defeating him is to kite and hide. The summoning circle gives you everything you need, so just move and shoot.

Once Eiktir is dead, search his remains to find a solid horn and trophy. After collecting this horn, you will receive a pickaxe recipe and you can return to base to craft it.

How to find a horn pickaxe in Walheim

How to find a horn pickaxe in Walheim

It costs 1 horn and 10 wood to make a pickaxe. Keep the rest of the horns in a safe place in case you die away from home and can't pick up your inventory!

This pickaxe can be used to break ordinary rocks into rocks or travel south to the Black Forest for more valuable ore, where copper can be found in the ground and tin can be found on the ocean.

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