Valheim: This is how you get the divining rod and use it to find treasure


Valheim: This is how you get the divining rod and use it to find treasure

In the survival game Valheim you can enjoy a lot of freedom and always discover something new. With the divining rod you will not only find silver, but also hidden treasures. In the MeinMMO-Guide we explain how to get the dowsing rod and how to use it.

What is the divining rod? The divining rod (English "Wishbone") is an item of equipment that you get from the third boss, the bone paunch. It makes it possible to find silver veins and hidden treasures within a radius of about 20 meters. 

Where can I find them? Currently you can only get the dowsing rod from the bones. This drops the item as soon as you have defeated it. The third boss can be found in the swamp biome. In our Valheim Boss Guide you will learn how to summon and defeat him.

The boss bony paunch is considered one of the toughest opponents in the game.

How the divining rod is used in Valheim

The dowsing rod is a detector that shows you valuable objects and resources in the immediate vicinity. To use them, you have to select them in your inventory and right-click them. 

The divining rod takes up the same equipment slot as the Megingjord belt, so you cannot use them together. 

What you need to know about the Megingjord belt.

The belt is sold by the dealer Haldor and increases your weight limit from 300 to 450 points. This is particularly advantageous if you are mining ore or transporting heavy dragon eggs.

How does the divining rod work? Once you've put on the dowsing rod and you're around silver, buried treasure, or muddy piles of scrap, it'll kick. An acoustic ping gives you an indication of how close you are to the target. In addition to the acoustic signal, rays of light escape from the dowsing rod, which also give an indication of the location of the target.

The closer you are to the target, the shorter the distances between the two signals. If you are directly over the treasure, the dowsing rod pings continuously.

The divining rod shows you hidden treasures and silver veins.

This is how you can find your destination faster: The dowsing rod does not show you the way to the destination. Make a note of the position you are in and then walk in a direction. If you move away from the target, the deflections of the rod become less. If this is the case, go back to the starting point and repeat the process with a different direction.

If you have found a point at which the rod deflects more strongly, repeat the process described above. This way you will find the buried riches much faster.

How to find silver: To get silver, you can dig with a pickaxe or use the divining rod in the mountain biome. This shows you very reliable silver veins and the search in the coldest biome of Valheim does not take too much time. 

The radius of the dowsing rod extends like a sphere in all directions. It is therefore not uncommon for it to kick out on a mountainside and for you to have to work your way down. 

If you suspect a deposit nearby, use the iron pickaxe and remove several layers of rock. If the divining rod is more pronounced, the occurrence is in the immediate vicinity.

This is what silver veins look like in Valheim.

The divining rod will also kick out if you have already excavated the silver deposit. This makes the search for more silver veins or treasures more difficult. We therefore advise you to completely mine the deposits before using the dowsing rod again.

Since silver is heavy, you can build a small base. A workbench, four walls and a few boxes are all that is needed to store the resources. 

The divining rod works in these biomes: The divining rod can be equipped independently of the biome. In our tests for this guide, we found treasures and resources in various biomes with the help of the divining rod:

  • Swamp Biome: Muddy Scrap Heap - Iron Scrap
  • Mountain biome: silver veins, skeletal remains
  • Dark Forest: Buried Treasure
  • Alluvial forest: buried treasure
With the divining rod you can find piles of scrap in the swamps.

Skeletal remains and buried treasures give you random loot when looted: 

  • Fire arrows
  • Rubies
  • Silver necklaces
  • Amber and pearls 
  • Gold coins

Someone looking for silver probably didn't have a divining rod with them. A lot of valuable loot for that.

Rubies, amber and silver necklaces can only be sold at the dealer Haldor in Valheim. In return, the dwarf offers you some very good items. In our guide to dealers in Valheim we explain where you can find them and what they offer.

Have you already used the divining rod in Valheim? What did you find on your adventures? Let us know in the comments. 

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