Valheim: This simple trick protects your most important items in the base


Valheim: This simple trick protects your most important items in the base

In the survival hit Valheim , a trick helps you to better protect your most important items and to save a lot of space. OkayGotcha shows you how it works.

What's that trick? The tip comes from the Valheim subreddit and comes from redditUserError404. This useful trick lets you easily hide your workbench, its upgrades and other important items in your house.

This is how it works: To protect your workbench and its upgrades from attacks, for example, you first have to dig a hole in your house. There you then place everything that you want to protect.

This is what it looks like:

Pro Tip: You can dig a whole under your house to place the upgrades for your workbench and forge. This prevents them from being attacked outside. from r/valheim

Hide your important items underground

Why is that useful? Opponents can attack your base and destroy objects. Most of the time, things like workbenches are either set up outside or unprotected inside.

If you use a hole, you can simply lay floors over the opening, like a kind of hidden cellar or trapdoor. Potential attackers cannot get in there. You can hide anything you want to protect down there. When you need to get to your stuff, you just remove the bottom and when you're done, you close the hole again.

If you find it too cumbersome to remove the floor every time you have to reach your workbench, you can simply set it up in the house and place the upgrades underground. But keep in mind that these must then be close enough to your workbench, ideally almost directly below it. 

Can you dig infinitely deep? No. There is a kind of water limit. If you dig too deep, you will come across this water and have to dig another level. Where this water line is, however, varies depending on the region in which you are building. In the mountains, for example, you dig longer before you hit water.

Is there an alternative to protect my belongings? You can protect your workbench and other things outside with fences. However, that costs a lot more material.

How do you like this trick? Have you already figured it out yourself? Do you have any other useful tips that can help in Valheim? Write in the comments.

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