Valheim - Walkthrough Tips


Valheim - Walkthrough Tips

The vast and open world of Valheim is full of challenges, from survival to dangerous enemies. In this guide, we'll provide helpful tips on how to get started successfully and where to start your long journey.

Valheim - Walkthrough Tips

If the monsters don't kill you, then severe weather will come, which will correct this nuance. In the main quest, you need to defeat various bosses known as the Forsaken, but you don't have to fight them right away. Your main goal is to survive, and there are several ways to make this much easier.

Start small - build a house and a bed

To survive in Valheim, you don't need to reinvent the wheel, so the best way to start the game is to find a flat area and build a workbench on it with wooden walls around it. This way you get a kind of shelter and most importantly, do not forget to assemble the bed.

  • Note: Building a shelter is the primary goal at the beginning of the game, as with the onset of night, stronger enemies come out and the weather changes.

If you want to use the workbench to craft armor and tools, then you need to finish building the roof. We recommend that you build a two-story building with tiles that will protect you from the elements. Also, don't forget the fire. It is essential for heating your home and will allow you to sleep at night.

  • Note: If you do not have a chimney (smoke exhaust), then a fire will do more harm than good. Be sure to take the smoke out of your home beforehand. Alternatively, it could be a window or door, but best through the roof.
By the way, we previously wrote a guide about the best starting house and also discussed how to build it and how many resources are needed. 

Hunting and gathering

After you've built the house and packed up the bed, it's time to go for the provisions. Hunting is the best way to get food, but at the beginning of the game you have three options for getting meat:

  • Boar.
  • Deer.
  • Small, reptile-like creatures.

When you get too close to the boar, it will become aggressive and rush at you.

The opposite is true with deer. They are the most capricious and run away from you when you get close. You will need a bow or flint spear to get the result from the hunt, so it is almost impossible to kill them close up. It is necessary to hunt them only at a distance.
Small, reptile-like creatures drop their tails to the ground after they die. These tails can be cooked.

In addition, the game has mushrooms and berries that you can collect from the bushes. Although they can be eaten and satiated, they do not satisfy hunger as much as meat.

  • Note: You can only eat three meals at a time, not two that are the same. For example: you cannot eat two wild boar meat, but you can eat a reptile's tail and wild boar meat.

Every meal you eat grants you extra health and increases your stamina bar, so we highly recommend stocking up on plenty of food and making it available. The food that is in your stomach is displayed to the left of the health bar in the lower left corner of the screen.

Create chests

Chests are one of the essential items that can be made early in the game. At the beginning of the game, you will quickly fill your inventory with all sorts of different items and ask the question "Where to store or how to increase your inventory." Chests will help you with this.

  • Note: When the maximum weight of items and resources exceeds 300 units, then your stamina is not restored and your movement speed is significantly reduced.
We recommend initially creating four or five chests and storing your resources in them. The best option would be to put in chests those resources that you do not plan to use while traveling.

  • Note: Try to take wood with you at all times, as it is useful and is needed for almost everything. Well, at least at the initial stage of the game.

Defeat the first boss

After you have built a house, collected some food and accumulated resources, then you can advance along the story quest.

It is not that difficult to meet the first boss, you just need to get two trophies that drop from the deer. Then come to the altar and call him. The boss looks like a large deer with lightning antlers.

  • Note: The best tactic against this boss is to keep your distance. Fight with him with a bow and spear.
After the victory, you will receive the Forsaken Trophy and Tempered Horns. Take the horns and you will be given a recipe for crafting a pickaxe. By the way, the pickaxe is a very useful tool that will allow you to mine copper ore and tin. And the alloy of these two metals gives bronze, which means that you can craft bronze tools, armor and weapons.

Build outposts and lodgings

Valheim provides the player with endless spaces to explore, which will take a lot of time. Therefore, we highly recommend that you find some abandoned ruins or houses and restore them - build a workbench, a roof, a fire and a bed. These outposts do not have to be everything that is in your real home, but they will be a good point and support for moving deeper into the lands.

  • Note: At the initial stage of the game, this method of advancement can be attributed to one of the best, but approximately in the middle of the plot you will learn about a portal that will allow you to travel quickly. We talked about the portal in more detail in this guide. 

Celebrate places of interest

As you explore the biomes in Valheim, you will come across many interesting areas, for example: troll caves, dungeons and boulders with resources. But you probably won't be able to clear the location or deal with the enemies, so we recommend using the marks on the map. Just open the map with the "m" key and select one of the lower right icons. Click on it and then double-click on the place of interest on the map and it will always be marked.

Quick extraction of wood

On your way you will come across dilapidated or dilapidated houses and shacks, and as we wrote above, they can be repaired and made your outpost. But if you think that you don't need an outpost in this area, or you will go through the game without them at all, then you can destroy this building and get a decent amount of wood. The main thing is not to use weapons when dismantling the house. Place a workbench inside the building and use it to disassemble the house - select the hammer and use the middle mouse wheel to click on the walls, roof and floor. Then you can destroy the workbench and collect all the resources.

  • Note: Try not to go around the sides of the abandoned huts and shacks, as loot chests and hives can be found in them. 

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