Valheim's best weapons and how to create them

Valheim's best weapons and how to create them

 We offer you the recipes so you can make the best weapons in Valheim, in order of unlock in the adventure.

Survival titles are not easy at all, especially if you are a Viking surrounded by dangers, and that is why in Valheim you must always know how to make the best weapons for each moment.

It is essential that you have a weapon crafting guide for Valheim , not only telling you what each of them is worth for you, but also with the necessary recipe so that we can create them.

In this weapons guide for Valheim , we are going to gather what we consider to be the best weapons in order of advancement in the adventure, so that the first weapons on our list will be for the first hours of play and the last for when we have already a few hours playing.

Valheim's best weapons and how to create them


It is one of the first weapons that you can make, and that will help us to hunt or to defeat the first boss of the adventure. Thanks to the bow you will be able to attack enemies from a distance so as not to rely so much on the club, and you could also make it much more powerful if you create fire arrows. For them you only need wood, resin and feathers.

  • But to expressly create the bow, all you need are 10 pieces of wood and 8 pieces of leather.

Giant hammer

This giant two-handed hammer is the most powerful melee weapon you can get, at least initially. Of course, it has a very slow attack speed so fast enemies would have advantages.

You will be able to make it as soon as you collect your first central piece of wood that is obtained by cutting pine trees in the Black Forest Biome.

  • The recipe is 20 wood cores, 5 deer trophies, and 2 pieces of leather.

Abyssal harpoon

It is the only harpoon that you will be able to get in the whole adventure, and as you can imagine it is intended to hunt marine creatures like the snake.

You can also use the harpoon to pierce some enemies with what is a good weapon.

  • The recipe to make it is 8 of fine wood, 30 of chitin and 3 pieces of leather.

Abyssal razor

This is a melee weapon that may appear weak, but has a kind of stab multiplier. This means that it deals up to 10 times more damage if the enemy does not touch you. It is also the best knife in the game and serves to perform stealth eliminations of both enemies and animals.

  • To make it you need 4 fine wood, 20 chitin and 2 pieces of leather.

Draugr Tusk Bow

Unlike the previous bow, with this weapon we have a greater piercing power and it is much more accurate.

  • It's not easy to craft because you need 10 Ancient Bark, 20 Silver, 2 Deer Skins, and 10 Green Matter found in the trees of the Swamp Biome.

Iron-tipped club

This iron-tipped club is a heavy weapon, and it's faster than you think.

It is suitable for any melee and requires needles and linen threads, which will be available as soon as you discover the Plains Biome.

  • To create the weapon you need 5 of fine wood, 20 of iron, 5 of needles and 10 of linen thread.

Frostner Axe

It's a blunt axe, and best of all, it can deal freezing damage and spirit damage to enemies. Of course, it is very difficult to create since it asks for Ymir meat that can only be bought from the merchant called Haldor of the black forest.

  • To create it, you need 10 Ancient Bark, 30 Silver, 5 Ymir's Flesh, and 5 Freeze Glands.

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