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Venti in Genshin Impact: How to get it and skills

 Discover what are the characteristics of Venti in Genshin Impact. Here we show you how to achieve it, its unique and passive abilities and what role it plays in combat.

Venti in Genshin Impact: How to get it and skills

Venti is one of the playable characters from Genshin Impact that we can use in our adventures. In order to create a good team of adventurers, you need to know each character and also be aware of which are the best . Next in this entry of our complete guide we will show you how to get Venti, his characteristics , what are his abilities, talents and unique constellations so that you know how to get the most out of him and create a good build for him.

How to get Venti in Genshin Impact?

Like many other characters in the game, Venti is a character that can only be obtained through the Wishes of the Gachapon shop , spending our Intertwined Destinations or Protogems that we have accumulated.

Given its high quality, it is a character that has little chance of being obtained and it is not easy for him to touch you. In particular, it can be found most frequently in Limited or Event Wishes . For example, Venti was much more likely to be obtained in the Oda of the Chalice gachapon , which was available during the first month of the game's launch.

Venti Features

This is the basic information about Venti and her main characteristics as a character.

"Venti is a mysterious bard who likes to recite both old poems and new trendy songs. His power often manifests itself in the form of feathers and wind, probably due to his obsession with light and flying objects."

  • Rarity: 5 stars.
  • Weapon type: Bow.
  • Element / Vision: Anemo.
  • Role in the team: Support.
  • Region: Mondstadt.

What are the talents and constellation of Venti

Here we show you all the unique combat skills of this character.


These are Venti's elemental attacks, talents, and abilities . Remember that they can be unlocked as you promote the character , in this way it will also become more powerful.

  • Normal Attack: Divine Marksmanship - Fire up to 6 consecutive bow shots. Fire a precise Shot that deals increased damage. When aiming, favorable winds will accumulate at the arrowhead with Anemo Damage (Charged Attack). Shoot a barrage of arrows from the air and descend rapidly (Downward Attack).

  • Celestial Sonata: Pressing once summons a field of wind at the enemy's location, dealing Area Anemo Damage and knocking enemies into the air. Holding down invokes an even larger wind field with Venti as the epicenter.

  • Great Ode of the Wind: Fires an arrow made of countless fused winds, creating a massive Eye of the Storm that absorbs objects and enemies in its path, dealing Anemo Damage. If the Eye of the Storm comes into contact with Hydro / Pyro / Cryo / Electro, it deals additional elemental damage of that type (elemental change can only occur once per use).

  • Embrace the Winds: Holding down the Celestial Sonata generates updrafts of wind with a duration of 20 seconds.

  • Eye of the Storm: After the Great Ode of Wind's effect ends, Venti will restore 15 points of Elemental Energy (if an elemental change occurs, he will also restore 15 points of Elemental Energy to all characters with the corresponding elements).

  • Rider of the Wind: Decreases Stamina consumption while gliding by 20%.


These are the 6 levels of Constellation and passive skills of Venti (remember that to be able to climb each one you need to get the Stella Fortuna item ):

  • Fierce Gale: Fire 2 additional arrows for each Precise Shot, each dealing 33% of the Damage of the original arrow.

  • Reminiscent Breeze: Celestial Sonata reduces the enemy's Anemo RES by 12% for 10 sec. Enemies thrown into the air take an additional 12% reduction in Anemo RES and Physical RES.

  • Ode to the Thousand Winds: Increase the skill level of Great Ode of the Wind +3. It can be increased up to Lv. fifteen.

  • Hurricane of Freedom: Venti gains 25% Anemo Damage Bonus for 10 seconds after collecting an Elemental Orb or Elemental Particle.

  • Celestial Concert: Increase Skill Level of Celestial Sonata +3. It can be increased up to Lv. fifteen.

  • Defiance Storm: Great Wind Ode reduces the enemy's Anemo RES by 20%. If an elemental change occurs, the Elemental RES of the new attribute will be reduced by 20%.