Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide


Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

We'll tell you all about building in Becastled, how to protect your kingdom from enemies, make your citizens happy, and where to get food and how to get sun stones. We will also tell you how to train soldiers to repel enemy attacks.

Beginning of the game

The game of Becastled begins with the construction of your Castle. This is the main building, and if it is demolished, the game is over. This is the place where new inhabitants come from, who are called sunny citizens in the game.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

Every citizen can build buildings, but cannot repair them. To do this, build a builders guild and hire citizens as builders. You can rotate the buildings with the C and V keys. First, build a sawmill to harvest firewood from the surrounding trees. Wood is needed to construct buildings and to capture new areas of the map called cells. Other main resources are food, stones, and sun stones. We will tell you about them in detail.

A house is needed to increase the number of sunny citizens.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

With new citizens, the need for food increases, so expand the kingdom at the expense of neighboring cells in order to acquire territories where you can produce food. By clicking on any cell that you do not own, in the lower right corner you can see how many resources are required to capture that cell and what can be collected inside it.

Where there are cows, build a farm to produce food. Farms and other buildings for food production occupy one slot. You can also find wild boars and deer, which require hunting huts. Build fishing huts on lake tiles. Create fields and windmills to grow crops on cages with flowers.

Eat, fight, survive

Having built a farm, workers (citizens) will drive cows on it to produce food. By default, most buildings have room for two workers, but this limit can be increased by spending a stone.

At the top of the screen, you can see the countdown to night, and with it the dark and monstrous enemies. The game provides a starting garrison of soldiers armed with swords and shields. He will also indicate the direction from which enemies will attack by lighting blue torches on the borders of your kingdom.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

Fortify your defenses by building soldiers and fortifications. The first raid is just a trial attack, so walls and towers are not needed, but later you will need more to survive the night.

The decorations build tab offers a variety of stone sculptures and vegetation to decorate your kingdom. The main thing is not to overdo it, since resources are wasted that may be useful elsewhere.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

As night falls, the Sun Citizens run and hide while the soldiers await their enemies. The fight is pretty fast, as soldiers and enemies deal a lot of damage to each other. It is possible to save your soldiers' lives by using the usual RTS tactics of replacing low health units from the front lines with healthier ones. You can slow down the time to do this.

When a new day dawns, it's time to get serious about protecting your kingdom. Your first investment should be in an archery training ground where archers are trained. Each archer has a fixed price in sun stones and takes time to train. Build more houses to increase your population so that there are citizens who can be trained as archers.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

New citizens appear in the castle at a certain rate. The speed increases or decreases depending on the conditions in the kingdom. There is a whole system of happiness, and you can see its indicator in the top bar of the interface. The larger the population, the less happiness, but buildings such as taverns increase happiness. We will tell you more about this below.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide


Build fortifications to defend the kingdom. Start with the tower because it has several useful features. First, there are parapets at the top, which provide excellent protection for archers and give them a good vantage point for shooting. Secondly, there is more durability than the walls, and thirdly, thanks to the safe doors, opponents cannot easily climb up.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

Protective structures include fences and walls. Build them to guard your borders and block access on dark nights. The fence is cheaper and faster to build, but it has less strength than the wall. There is also a gate, but about them a little later.

Once you've built the walls, place the archers on the aisles, but keep in mind that they are much more vulnerable on them compared to the tower.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

The more townspeople and soldiers, the greater the need for food. Capture another food slot and build a food production building.

Successive waves of enemies are much more numerous, and this will be so every next night. Battering rams, catapults, etc. will soon begin to arrive.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

Sun stones are used to heal soldiers. Fortunately, there is a sunstone source near the starting castle. Capture a cell and build a Sunstone Workshop. It looks like a mine that produces sun stones at a constant rate. Remember, it will only work if there are workers!

Create a market. Initially it will be just one tent. Set up tents close to create a market. One citizen must work in the market, and one must also choose the product to be sold.

To improve the production of food, wood or sunstone, spend stone to add additional sun dwellers to the corresponding production building. Capture a cage with a stone and build a quarry. Remember, it will only work if there are workers!

In order to continue to expand the kingdom and build new fortifications, it is necessary to increase the production of timber. Build another sawmill and assign two townspeople to work on it, and build a few more houses to increase the citizen limit.

The forces of darkness are rapidly gaining strength and numbers, and the next attack will be accompanied by rams and ogres. Attack the ogres with archers while the swordsmen attack the rams to prevent them from breaking through your fortifications.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide


Using the sun stone, you can heal wounded soldiers, as well as resurrect dead soldiers using a squad of priests. Build a church to use a squad of priests. By building the barracks, you can train new, more powerful melee units like knights and spearmen. Pikemen can stun and attack at a greater distance, while knights do more damage but have no defense.

More soldiers means more population, and more population means less happiness. It's time to build a tavern and hire a few villagers to keep up the happiness with one or two beer kegs.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

But happiness isn't the only problem. Food is limited and increasing supplies will require the mined stone to be used to upgrade buildings for food so they can hire more workers. This will help temporarily, but as each night draws closer and the power of darkness increases, you will have to expand and fortify the kingdom, capturing more cells, building more buildings to produce resources and increasing the population, fortifications and army to work and defend the territory.

When you have enough wood, stone, and sunstones, trebuchets and ballistas can be built on top of your towers. It is a powerful long-range weapon that is best used to fight large groups of enemies. First, you need a siege weapons workshop, inside which you can order the production of ballistas and trebuchets. Two workers can work inside at the same time, one for each weapon.

This weapon cannot be placed on every tower.

There are two ways to survive the night: either kill all enemies or wait until dawn. Don't worry about your soldiers as you can resurrect them at dawn with the priests, just make sure the castle is intact.

Walkthrough Becastled - Game Guide

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