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Walkthrough Little Nightmares 2 - game guide

Walkthrough Little Nightmares 2 - game guide

 Complete walkthrough of all Little Nightmares 2 chapters and solution of all puzzles

Little Nightmares 2 from the Swedish company Tarsier Studios is a full-fledged sequel to the acclaimed platformer with quest and horror elements. As in the first part, the player will have to play as the Sixth and go through many trials in order to survive. In this article you will find a complete walkthrough of the story and all puzzles of Little Nightmares 2.

Chapter 1. Forest

We appear near the old TV and move to the right. We jump over a small cliff and approach the grate. We raise it with the appropriate key, sit down and climb through the opened passage. Move on and climb onto the ledge by holding down the grab key. We make our way further and jump over the rope on the ground, otherwise the character will be in the cage.

We throw off the wooden box and move it to the large ledge. We climb upward with the help of the box and try to break through the roots of the tree.

As soon as the character gets out from the other side, a huge log will fall behind him, from which he will have to run away, otherwise it will crush the hero. Apply the accelerate button and run in a straight line until we come off the piece of wood.

How to use the loop and jump to the ledge

Having reached the hanging rope, you first need to get through the hollow of the tree and turn left. We move away from the cliff farther, use the acceleration button and at the very edge we jump towards the rope. We grab onto it with the grab button and, when the character sways, use the jump to get to the right side.

We pass forward and use the lever to lower the wooden box down to the limit. We immediately jump onto it and wait for a while until the container rises up. Now we jump to the wooden bridge on the right and continue our way. Once at the big abyss, we move south and get off the high platform. Now we jump to the very bottom and climb the hanging bridge using the held down grab key.

We reach a crow pecking at something in a heap of garbage and take one to its heads. We see a trap with a net on the ground, so we throw the found item into it for activation. The net will work and hook the thrown boot, and another log will fall to the ground, along which the character can climb to the nearest ledge.

We move forward and go out to the edge with traps. The first two of them are in working order, so we carefully go around them and climb over the lying tree. We grab the stick from the nearest trap and use it to activate the next one to open the passage further.

We climb into the hollow and grab another stick. We apply it on fallen leaves and climb onto the site with a bunch of cones. We raise one and immediately throw it to the right to activate another pack of traps. We climb onto the recumbent tree and from it we jump onto the wooden stairs. We move to the nearest ledge and move on to the house.

We go to the porch and with the help of the box we climb into the open window. We pass through the kitchen into the corridor and we go through the only open door. We go down the stairs and run into the locked door of the room on the left, behind which there is a child.

How to free a child in the basement of a house

It can be seen that the lower part of the door is rather fragile, so the character will need some kind of sharp object to break his passage. We move into the open room on the right and jump onto the handle of the ax to pull it out.

We grab the object and break the wooden planks with a few precise blows. We approach the child, but he will be scared of the hero and run away.

We follow him and rise back to the first floor of the hut. We go past the kitchen door to the fork and turn left to pick up the first hat in the game in the next room.

We move past the strange dolls at the table and climb up the open bedside table. We climb through the hole in the wall and find ourselves in the next room.

How to get into the attic of a house and get the key to the white door

The child will not be able to lower the stairs to the attic on his own, so you need to go up to him so that he can hoist the character. After the completed operation, the stairs will slide down and the hero will have access to the top. We climb the stairs and, together with a new friend, push the suitcase to the nightstand.

We move through it to the adjacent room with the key and go left until it stops. At the wooden beam we notice a hole into which you can insert something. The child will again be able to plant the character, so we climb onto the closet, and immediately go downstairs.

We crawl under the wooden shelves and take the necessary lever from the doll. To do this, you will have to pull it in different directions. We grab the object and return to the room with the key. We climb onto a bag on the floor and wait for a new friend to raise the hero to the very top.

We jump to the side of the key and cling to it to knock it off the hook. We move aside the drawer at the right bedside table, from which a child in a triangular hat will come out.

How to follow a child in a triangle hat in a house in the Wasteland

We ask the assistant to lift the hero upstairs again and follow the child from the bedside table. We pass into the room with the doll and climb even higher. In the next room, the character will have to find a mysterious child in various places. We open the suitcase, use the shoe on the box, pull out the drawer of the bedside table and jump on the old chair.

The child will open the passage behind the painting into a dark room. In it you have to move by touch in order to lead a new acquaintance along the upper boards to the right edge.

We move along the far wall and pass a little to the right. We move the box to the child in the triangular hat and move it to the next shelf. We move even more to the right and in the room behind the bars we jump onto the lever to activate the light.

We move to the left and pull out a drawer at the nearest cabinet. We take it upstairs and go through almost the same way as the child. Having passed the candle, you need to jump on the higher shelf and get to the room with the lever along the long boards.

We pick up the secret headdress, triangular hat, and climb down from the shelf. We climb along the planks near the lever into a narrow room and jump to the very bottom along several ledges. We break out the decrepit plank and again appears in the attic with a child from the basement of the house.

We open the door with the found golden key and get out. We approach a wooden toilet and ask a friend to put him upstairs. We jump on the latch and open the door. In the toilet we take away the first chaotic remains and follow to the right into the barn.

Move the big box to the right and jump into the small window. In the next room, children will encounter a hunter who must be silently bypassed from behind. We reach the wooden gate and push it forward with the child.

How to escape from a hunter

Children will be on the street, and the enemy will notice them, so they will have to run away from him and hide behind various shelters. Note that the hunter fires one round at a time and reloads immediately. At this time, you need to quickly move from one shelter to another.

We run forward and jump down from the cliff to hide from the enemy. We wait until the hunter leaves to another place and continue our crouching path so as not to allow the enemy to hear the children and discover their current location.

As soon as the creature directs the lantern at the guys, you must immediately stop and wait until the enemy turns away. Having reached the hole, we expect some time for the enemy to shine on the children. As soon as he turns to the other side, we immediately get out of the bushes and quietly crawl to the hole. The player will have a very small margin of time to have time to jump through a hole in the ground under a tree.

We make our way along the wormhole to the right and reach the destroyed bridge. We pull the rope on the right and expect a partner who will cross over the raised bridge to the other side. We lower the bridge back and call a friend using the appropriate key. With a running start, we jump over the cliff, and the child will catch the hero by the hand.

Move a little to the right and find a large cage hanging from a tree. We climb on the boxes near the tree to the very top and jump over to it. We climb onto the cage and jump on the spot several times to break the rope and throw the box down .. We take the hat, the yellow helmet of the fireman, and continue on our way.

Again we meet the monster and climb down from the cliff. We quickly hide behind the nearest box and, after firing a monster, we run to the right to the structure. We climb up and hide on the way behind the TV. We climb through the window into the building and move to the right until the next window, through which we get out and roll down the visor into the water.

How to get through the swamp past the hunter

We move carefully along the bridge, without attracting the attention of the hunter. Children need to sit down and hide under water for a short period of time, otherwise they will suffocate. To get to the nearest stump, you will have to repeat all the actions of your partner. When the enemy turns the flashlight in the other direction, you need to quickly move on and after a while hide under water in order to safely reach the nearest shelter.

We reach a large tree and climb into a small clearing next to it. We push the log down and hide behind it. We swim under water and climb up the wooden planks. We pass to the right and climb down. Slowly we get to the ravens and, as soon as they take off, we quickly reach the nearest box.

After firing the monster, we go to the next box, and then we pass into the house through the open door. We jump on the gun and drop it down. We grab it again to shoot and kill the hunter.

We climb out through the window and push the door into the water. With the help of it we get to the other side and take away the chaotic remains near the TV. We go into the nearest building through the open door to complete the level.

To be continued...