Walkthrough The Room 4: Old Sins - game guide


Walkthrough The Room 4: Old Sins - game guide

We bring to your attention the full walkthrough of The Room 4: Old Sins. Solving all puzzles.

Chapter 1

Examine the attic. Click on the spotlight. Click on the switch. It's broken, you need a screwdriver. Open the suitcase on the right and take the screwdriver. Also examine the journal with entries.

Apply a screwdriver to the spotlight. Repair the electrical circuit.

Click and examine the dollhouse. Return to your suitcase. Pull down the side handle to reveal the hidden compartment.

Take the eyepiece. Examine it. There is a lever on it. Pull it down to open the eyepiece.

There is a map on the lid of the suitcase. Pay attention to the selection and use the eyepiece. Read the message.


Using the eyepiece, click on the dollhouse again. Once inside, examine the green book on the table. Open it.

There is a device on the table. Below is a hidden compartment. Twist and collect the item.

Apply it from the side of this device.

A window will appear on the other side of the instrument. Look through the eyepiece. Rotate the wheel and rotate the constellation:

Opening the secret compartment, take the family coat of arms. Exit the dollhouse and insert the coat of arms into the hole under the roof.

Examine the deer figurine and turn it to reveal a secret compartment. Take the item.

Using the eyepiece, we again fall into the dollhouse and use the found object on the box on the table. Rotate and rotate the constellation again.

We take away the found item. The box will open. Rotate the circle and click on the squares one by one. First to the right then to the left.

A puzzle will open. We turn the switch to the left. The square will turn over. Then click on the yellow diamonds. We turn the switch to the left so that the square turns over, then immediately to the right. Click on the blue squares. Completed the puzzle.

In the next puzzle, turn the top and bottom switches to the right. Then again we switch first the upper then the lower switch to the right. We click on the yellow triangles. They are now located at the top. Rotate the panel so that the triangles are at the bottom.

We switch first the upper then the lower switch to the right. Then only the lower one is turned to the left. We activate the blue diamonds. We turn the lower switch to the right. Then we move the same switch to the left. We activate the squares.

We take away the strange artifact from the box. Completed the chapter.

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