Warhammer: Odyssey. Which class should you choose?


Warhammer: Odyssey. Which class should you choose?

In the new Warhammer: Odyssey guide, we try to determine the strongest class in the game. If you want to know which class to choose - read on.

Which class to choose in Warhammer: Odyssey

The question of whom to play Warhammer: Odyssey can be answered on several points:

  1. Archmage - Like other classes, Warhammer: Odyssey is a fairly standard version. Simple class to play, good for beginners, but not good for solo play. The archmage restores the health of teammates.
  2. The Engineer is a class that relies on weapons and turrets. A support class focused on teams, but at the same time it shows itself quite well in solo play.
  3. Shadow Warrior is either an archer or two-blade variant. Stealth class, if with blades, the archer will also show himself well.
  4. Slayer is a favorite hero of many players, one variant with two axes, the other a troll slider with a two-handed ax. In general, a variant of the tank, but not the main one, but an additional one. An interesting but difficult class for a beginner.
  5. Warrior Priest is a slow tank, armored and armed with a two-handed hammer. A classic tank that deals huge damage. One branch can also restore health.
  6. Witch Hunter is a class focused on dealing high damage.

The simplest classes are Shadow Warrior and Archmage, followed by Warrior Priest and Slayer. The rest of the Warhammer: Odyssey classes are the most difficult. In total, it is better for beginners to start with the archmage and Shadow Warrior.

That's all you need to know about which class to choose in Warhammer: Odyssey.

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