What are precision kills in Destiny 2 and why are they so important?


What are precision kills in Destiny 2 and why are they so important?

In Destiny 2 you have to land precise killshots for all kinds of tasks. However, accurate aiming also rewards you with more damage - and no, it's not always the head.

For many missions and tasks you should land precise hits in Destiny 2 or achieve precise killing blows. In this guide, OkayGotcha tells you where you have to meet your opponents, what advantages this brings and how it is easier for you.

What is a precise hit in Destiny 2?

Whenever you hit an enemy's weak point, you land an accurate hit. Almost all weapons and many skills can make such hits possible.

How do I see if I hit the weak point?

In many cases, the damage number appears yellow with a precise hit. With a regular hit, it is white. However, there are a few details to consider here.

Where do I have to hit the opponent for it to be precise?

That depends on the enemy. Usually the head is the weak point. With different aliens and robots there are also other weak points (more on that later).

What is a precise kill in Destiny 2?

If the final shot that defeats an enemy is a precise hit, it is a precise kill or fatal blow. Only the very last shot counts in this case.

Destiny 2: Aiming well and landing precision killing blows is worth it

What does the precision bring? Like most shooters, Destiny 2 also rewards a sure hand. A precise hit, also known as a critical hit, in most cases simply inflicts more damage than a hit outside the weak point.

However, this bonus damage varies depending on the type of weapon and archetype:

  • With most ratchets, you get between 1.4x and 1.7x as much damage for each precision hit.
  • Sniper rifles take about 3 times as much damage if you hit the weak point. Linear fusion rifles, after all, a little more than 2 times. You should aim precisely with these weapons.
  • Shotguns hardly benefit from precision - here the multiplier is around 1.1 times.

These perks still exist: Many weapon perks and properties require accuracy. Some recent examples:

  • The new exotic scout from season 13 receives bonus damage and a better reload speed for every single precise hit.
  • If you reload with the new trails impulse after a precise kill and have Desperado as a perk, your rate of fire doubles for 7 seconds.
  • If you land a precise kill or several precise hits with the exotic sniper rifle Cloud Strike , lightning strikes.
  • Skills such as the hunter's throwing knife also rely on the mechanics and by hitting the weak point, the gunslinger loads the super faster.

Therefore you have to read carefully: A lot of the available forays, mission targets for catalysts or quests require precise hits or precise kills. Other tasks go much faster if you aim precisely.

Better aiming made easy in Destiny 2

How to hit it more precisely: Make sure that you let some time pass after a shot or a volley. This is how your weapon "resets" itself. This is shown to you on the crosshairs (you can see from the hip). If you shoot without a break, your crosshairs will expand and the aim assist and accuracy will decrease - even with the mouse and keyboard. More stability reduces this time.

If you equip suitable mods with "aim" in the name, your accuracy with the weapon increases and the aim assist is hidden. The more range your weapon has, the stronger all the bonuses have on accuracy.

You can increase the opponent's hitbox with some skills or exotic like divinity . This makes it much easier to land a precise hit.

These are the weak points of enemies in Destiny 2

  • With almost all the fallen, the scorn and the crowd, the head is the weak point. This applies to strong captains, small serfs but also knights and mighty ogres.
  • You have to hit enemy guardians on the head.
  • In general, an enemy is - largely - a humanoid creature, shoots at the head.
  • Cabals can usually be met critically on the head and in many cases also on their jetpack on their back.
  • With the robot Vex, the weak point is usually to be found in the stomach - it aims at the white glowing area, also known as the “juice packet”. Alternatively, it is the light eye in hydras or cyclops. It is also the light center of the mechanical servitors.
  • If you are possessed, it is best to shoot the big white eye.

The weak point of many Vex is their belly

These enemies have no weak point: Some opponents have no place that you can critically hit. Others can shield their weak point. In either case, you cannot land precise hits or kills, nor take advantage of them.

  • The few opponents mainly include sliders in all variations.
  • If an opponent covers his weak point with a shield, a barricade or an immune phase, you must first break the respective protective mechanism.
  • With anti-barrier projectiles from your artifact and some weapons you can still avoid that with some enemies.
Since Destiny 1, sliders have no crit spot

Yellow numbers do not automatically mean critical hits

That's why you have to be careful: Especially when several Guardians are at work together and it's raining skills, you often get the impression of loading precise hits - but it doesn't. For example, if a team member suppresses an enemy or weakens them with an arrow, body hits also appear in yellow.

  • Some weapons also do precision damage, but don't display it at all.
  • These include explosive weapons such as rocket launchers or grenade launchers, but also fusion rifles and swords.
  • Other weapons like the Exotic Xenophage cannot land precise hits - the MG always deals the same amount of damage, no matter where you hit.

Do you have any other questions on the topic or maybe about another mechanic? Are you a marksman in Destiny 2 and never miss it? Then share your tips and opinions with the other guardians in the comments.

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