What is mobility in CoD Warzone and why is it so important?

 In an action-packed shooter like Call of Duty: Warzone , mobility is an important value. But what does that actually mean in CoD's Battle Royale? MeinMMO shows you the details.

What is mobility in Warzone? Mobility in Call of Duty: Warzone is a weapon value that you can see in the armorer at the bottom left when you are putting together your setups. This mobility bar is made up of the following values:

  • Basic value of the weapon
  • ZV speed
  • Hip fire
  • Movement speed
  • Sprint to the firing pace

So you can see the basic value of the weapon there and either a “red” value deduction if you choose attachments that reduce one of the values ​​mentioned above or a “green” value bonus if you improve a value.

Why are these values ​​important in Warzone? Whether in a duel with an enemy or on the way to the next cover - high mobility gives you an advantage in many situations. We explain to you what the individual values ​​bring and when you can do without high mobility in Warzone.

What does ZV speed bring?

This value determines your "time in sight". So the time you need to be completely in your sights after pressing the button.

Often the English term "ADS" is used for "Aim Down Sights". Further names are "ZV-Tempo" or "ADS-Speed".

This value is one of the most important properties of the weapons in Warzone, as it often determines, together with the "Time-to-Kill" (TTK), how fast you can knock down an opponent. Because in order to safely hit enemies who are not directly in front of you, you have to target.

Guns feel livelier at a high ZV speed. The higher the fighting distance, the less you need to pay attention to your time in sight. At greater distances, the focus is on precision and stability. In hand-to-hand combat, however, you should focus on ZV speed - except for hip fire weapons.

Each weapon takes a different length of time to be targeted.

What's the point of hip fire?

With hip fire, you fire bullets from your weapons without aiming at it. A better hip fire value reduces the dispersion of your bullets and lets you hit better when firing from the hip.

You can mostly neglect this value. Hip fires can be strong, as with a suitable setup for the MP7 . But you only need the value in hand-to-hand combat, and even here it's often better to target. Instead of a strong attachment for hip fire, it is better to reduce your ADS pace or increase other mobility values. Or rely on the R9-0 shotgun with Dragon Breath .

What is the speed of movement?

This value determines how fast you can walk in the Warzone. Each weapon has its own value, which is heavily dependent on the weapon class. There are also 4 running modes in the game:

  • Running: 100% - approx. 18 km / h
  • Race: 130% - approx. 23 km / h
  • Tactical sprint: 150% - approx. 27 km / h
  • Crouched: 45% - approx. 8 km / h

You have 100% movement speed in Warzone with a combat knife - that is the basic value, so to speak. Your held weapon then reduces this value. But you can also surpass it.

  • Very slowly: rocket launcher
  • Rather slow: shield, sniper, LMGs
  • Average: DMRs, assault rifles, shotguns
  • Almost 100%: submachine guns
  • More than 100% possible: light pistols

There are only a few essays that can improve your speed of movement. Most of the time, your speed depends directly on the particular value of the weapon you are holding in your hand. 

Sometimes you have to pick up your legs and use the right weapon.

What is the pace of “sprinting to fire”?

In Call of Duty, you cannot fire at your enemies directly from the sprint. Each weapon also has its own value and defines a period of time that you need to be able to fire after a sprint. If you improve this value, you fire faster after a sprint.

A distinction must be made here between the values ​​for the normal and the tactical sprint. When you come out of the tactical sprint, you will need a little longer to open fire.

The so-called "sprint-out time" is not quite as important as your ADS speed, but should not be underestimated if you want to build a mobile weapon. Since you are constantly on the move and sprinting in the Warzone, a high “sprint to fire” pace on your favorite assault rifle can feel very pleasant.

When should I forego mobility?

The further away your goal is, the less you benefit from high mobility values. A little exception is the movement speed - you can actually always use that in Warzone.

But in general you need to pay less attention to mobility with a sniper rifle than with a submachine gun. Especially with the very large calibers, HDR and AX-50, target stability and range are more important.

Your style of play is also decisive here - if you only want to look through the visor for a short time and want to let out a quick shot, high mobility values ​​also make sense for sniper rifles such as the Kar98k and SP-R .

Otherwise you always have to weigh up whether certain advantages of a weapon are worth the deduction for mobility. LMGs are very sluggish but have huge magazines. Assault rifles are slower than submachine guns but have a much longer range.

Always have a weapon with high mobility values ​​with you in Warzone. That is why submachine guns are so well suited as a second weapon in Battle Royale - you are strong in close combat and can switch to the MP for the high movement speed to get across the map faster.

With bigger guns, you also have bigger mobility suits.

Other mobility values

The above values ​​are the base values ​​for the mobility of weapons in Warzone. But there are other values ​​that make your game more "mobile":

  • Reload speed
  • Change of weapons
  • Walking speed when aiming
  • Movement speed when firing
  • Slide speed

Also try these values ​​out and see what advantages they can bring to your playing style. Speed ​​when aiming improves your “strafing”, ie moving to the side and a high speed when changing weapons makes you more flexible in some situations.

Once you have found your right weapon with the right setup, the Warzone is much more pleasant to play and you will also be significantly better than most of the weapons that you can find as ground loot in Battle Royale. 

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