Where to find all companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

 Here's how to unlock each Wrath of the Righteous partner

Where to find all companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

As in the previous game in the series, the protagonist of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous won't have to while away the time alone. A huge number of satellites are available to choose from, which you will meet at certain points in the course of the development of the storyline.

The allowed number of people in the squad is 6, including the main character. But don’t worry: the game doesn’t make you give up on anyone. You can take new people to the group, just leave them at the main base (first it will be the camp, and then Dresen). And then, before leaving the base, the game will ask what kind of companions you would like to take with you. It is important to alternate companions: this is the only way to complete the personal quests of each. And with some in the future, it will turn out to spin novels!

So let's get started:

  1. Siila . This female paladin will be found in a cave where the main character will fall at the very beginning of the game.
  2. Camellia . And a little later you will meet another ally. After 100 meters, Camellia will be found in the same cave.
  3. Then there will be a choice between Lann and Wenduag . When the hero discovers the Heavenly Light, choose what to do - show the light to Sulla or hide from him the fact of the presence of divine power. In the first case, Lann will stay with you, in the second - Wenduag. If you chose the first option and went to the Guardian Labyrinth with Lann, then Venduag will help the demons and Hosilla at the end. Then you can kill her or drive her away. And if you went to the cave with the Venduag, then Lann will appear at the end, who, on the contrary, will help in the battle against Hosilla. Wenduag will continue to fight by your side, but her unpleasant secret will be revealed. And you can either take her with you, or kill / drive away and take Lann, or take none of this couple at all.
  4. Coal is a supposedly defenseless girl who can be found at the beginning of the market square, among the houses. Save her from the crusaders, and she will join the squad.
  5. Wolf is sitting in a prison cell under the "Heart of the Defender" inn. Talk to him first, then ask Irabet for permission to release him, and then return with the good news.
  6. Deiran can be found in the party house of the Earl of Arendeus. Exploring the market square, you will find the servant of the Arenda, who calls for help. Agree to help and leave the location. Continue further from the market square and visit the Arendais' house. Kill opponents, then invite Deiran to the squad.
  7. Nanyo will join the squad during a random event. Traveling around the map, you will stumble upon a girl who deceives the cultists. Help her, and then take her to the team.
  8. Zosiel will be obtained automatically after you clear the Gray Garrison and talk to Queen Golfrey in the commander's tent.
  9. Regill can be obtained during the quest "According to the Covenants of the Underworld". I highly recommend keeping his warriors for yourself so that you can recruit the Knights of the Underworld for the army. These are very powerful units. And offer Regill himself to join the team.
  10. Arushalai is a demoness who will gladly join your squad. First, save her during the assault on the Dresen citadel (she will sit in one of the chambers), and then answer her call while traveling across the global map. Visit the Green Gate location, complete the Arushalai quest and offer a place in the squad.
  11. Greybor is a dwarf mercenary that you will encounter several times throughout the game. First, he will appear in the Estrod tower, and then he will try to kill Balor in the courtyard of Dresen. When Dresen is captured, go to the inn and recruit Greybor. Pay 2500 and then complete the Dragon Hunt quest. Then you can pay him again, and finally take him to the team. If the dragon is killed, you will have to pay 12,500, and if it escapes - 25,000. Even if you refuse immediately, look for Greybor at any time in the inn.

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