Where to Find and How to Use Nitrogen Dust in Genshin Impact to Transform Characters Ascension Materials


Genshin Impact to Transform Characters Ascension Materials

Nitrogen Dust is a new resource added in Genshin Impact in update 1.3. It is used to convert elevation resources, that is, to convert excess resources to the ones you need.

How to use Nitrogen Dust?

Travel to the nearest alchemy station in Mondsstadt or Li Yue and open the conversion tab.

On the left, you need to select the material you want to craft - Agnidus agate, Varunada lapis lazuli, Vajrad amethyst, Vayuda turquoise, Shivada jade or Prithiva topaz. On the right, you can select other crystals that will be used as a material for transformation. The ratio of materials is 1 to 1.

The amount of dust required depends on the quality of the material.

  • Crystal Shard (green quality) - 1 unit;
  • Crystal Fragment (blue quality) - 3 units;
  • Crystal piece (purple quality) - 9 units;
  • Precious crystal (orange quality) - 27 units.

Where can I find Nitrogen Dust?

At the moment, Nitrogen Dust can only be purchased with Stardust. This is the currency that can be obtained in the process of prayer - summoning characters or weapons. You will receive 15 stardust for each copy of an item you already own with a quality of 3 stars or lower.

Ten Nitrogen Dust can be purchased for 5 Stardust. The monthly purchase limit is 100 times, respectively, you can get no more than 1000 Nitrogen Dust per month.

There is also a chance that you will be able to purchase Nitrogen Dust during the Sea Lantern Festival, an event starting on February 10th.

Should you use Nitrogen Dust?

Dust Nitrogen, like the conversion function itself, is more of an ad-hoc tool rather than a priority purchase. At the beginning of the month, start with Fateful Encounters and Intertwining Fates - currencies that are used for standard prayer and event prayer, respectively. You can purchase 5 pieces every month. It is also worth paying attention to mora (gold) and experience.

If you have a surplus of Stardust and Ascension Resources, you can purchase Nitrogen Dust. For example, if you decide to pump a new character and do not want to spend extra resin on the extraction of resources.

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