WoW: All information about patch 9.1 - new raid, new dungeon and flies


WoW: All information about patch 9.1 - new raid, new dungeon and flies

What's in the next WoW patch "Chains of Domination"? We reveal how it goes in WoW: Shadowlands .

The next big WoW patch is called "Chains of Domination" - this was known through a leak before BlizzCon 2021. But not only the name has been revealed, a large part of the content has already been disclosed.

The story of patch 9.1

Chains of rule are about exactly the eponymous chains that are used by the jailer. In the course of a new cinematics with Anduin Wrynn, there is an attack on the Archon. The Kyrian boss is badly wounded and an important key is stolen. We analyzed the video extensively .

The jailer, meanwhile, uses his growing power to pull a mass of land from the gap into the gullet. These are the ruins of the mysterious city of Korthia.

The pacts, meanwhile, join forces to take the fight to the jailer and find out what his ultimate plan is. They also travel to Korthia and attack the Maw as a common force.

New area: Korthia

The jailer continues to pursue his goals and has thrown some of the remains of the "City of Secrets" into the throat. The city was once called Korthia and has some new content. Including a number of new quests and "outdoor activities" - these should be world quests, events and rare enemies. Basically, the design should be reminiscent of Mechagon. So there are daily visitors to the hub of the area who bring different daily missions (dailys) with them.

Korthia is not a completely new area, but a sub-zone in the throat. So the throat grows as an area. There is no charging time when switching between the two zones, as the throat is simply expanded.

The leaked image of Korthia from patch 9.1.

New chapters of the pact campaign

Even if the pacts still have some outstanding problems, they are banding together in a new campaign to take the fight to the jailer. The Night Fae, Necrolords, Kyrians and Venthyr use their regaining powers to launch an attack on the jailer's realm.

New raid: Sanctum of Domination

Raid players in particular can be happy, because the first patch brings a really big raid. The Sanctum of Dominion is an as yet unexplored part of the Torghast Tower and is home to a total of 10 bosses who have to be defeated. A few highlights from these fights are already known:

  • A boss will be the "true eye of the jailer"
  • The Tarragrue can be fought
  • Kel'thuzad is one of the bosses
  • There is a clash with the banshee queen Sylvanas Windrunner - she is the final boss of the raid

The "Sanctum of Domination" - a raid in Torghast.

New mega-dungeon: Tazavesh, the veiled market

Dungeon fans will also get their money's worth, because patch 9.1 brings a new "mega dungeon". This is a particularly extensive dungeon that is only available in Mythic mode.

The mega-dungeon is called "Tazavesh, the Veiled Market" and apparently has the mysterious mediator as a theme. It's a hidden bazaar that ends with particularly powerful relics being stolen from Azeroth.

The leaked image of the veiled market with the mediators.

There will be a total of 8 bosses spread over two sections of the dungeon.

The first section is Tazavesh Market. There, players learn more about the culture of intermediaries, visit a large auction, a pub and generally get an impression of the life of these creatures.

The second part is a kind of chase. The players try to catch a particularly villainous intermediary who wants to steal and use one of Azeroth's most important relics. The chase leads over several areas and parallel worlds. That leads to absurd bosses like an Eternal Dragon-Pirate Captain. Really.

Dragon pirate captains from the Eternal Swarm of Dragons. Sure, who doesn't know them?

It can be assumed that Tazavesh will be split into two parts again in a later patch and will then also be available as a "Mythic +" dungeon. At least that was the case with Karazhan and Mechagon.

What Else Comes in Patch 9.1?

So far, other topics have only been touched on briefly. The innovations include:

  • There is a new season with a corresponding affix
  • There is a new, cosmetic armor set for each pact that can be used by all classes
  • The power of soul bonds and media continues to increase
  • New riding and pets are coming
  • Flying will be unlockable in Patch 9.1
  • Each pact gets its own stylish mount

Flying comes in Patch 9.1 - finally take off in the Shadowlands!

Even if the details are rather thin so far, we already have a good impression of what is waiting for us in Patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion.

What are you particularly looking forward to? What content would you like to experience?

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