WoW: Anima farming made easy - this is how you get the best out of the resource

 What's the best way to farm anima in World of Warcraft ? Our guide gives you valuable tips and tricks about the coveted resource of the Shadowlands.

There is a lot for players to do in WoW: Shadowlands. One of the biggest and longest lasting pastimes is collecting anima to unlock myriad rewards. Our guide will tell you how easy it is to collect anima and which things you should pay attention to.

What do you learn in this guide? This article is intended to teach you a few skills and tips. You learn here:

  • How your anima farms as efficiently as possible.
  • What repeatable sources of anima are there?
  • Which addons are helpful in farming Anima.
  • How to avoid unnecessary anima expenditure.
  • How to set motivating, achievable anima goals.

Thanks to Anima, the Shadowlands are blooming again - and so is your collection.

What do you need anima for? Basically, you have to realize that anima in WoW: Shadowlands is largely an optional resource. You need them in small amounts for a weekly quest or to upgrade the pact set, which is especially beneficial for twinks.

But basically, anima is a currency that is mainly necessary for cosmetic rewards at many retailers. Almost all items that can be bought are not necessary for character progress and are only optional gimmicks.

Tips before farming anima

Before you start farming, you should make a few preparations. In the long term, it saves time and reduces frustration.

Helpful add-ons: In principle, you don't need any add-ons to farm anima efficiently. However, the "World Quest Tracker" tool can be helpful. This lists all active world quests so that you can see at a glance where you can earn which anima rewards. This saves a few seconds in which you would otherwise have to manually scan the card. In addition, such an overview is simply practical and once you get used to it, you don't want to miss it anymore.

You can download the add-on World Quest Tracker directly from Curseforge.

WoW: Anima farming made easy - this is how you get the best out of the resource

Activate war mode - always: War mode is the PvP mode of World of Warcraft and can only be activated in Orgrimmar (Horde) or Stormwind (Alliance). However, you can deactivate it in any quiet zone if it becomes a nuisance. War mode is essential to effectively farming Anima. Because depending on the region, you get 10% to 30% additional anima from world quests. Even a small bonus of 10% will pay off significantly over time. After all, it will massively reduce your farm time if you get a nice bonus of 1,000 anima "on top" for farming 10,000 anima.

In many cases there is hardly any PvP in war mode and players “peacefully” pass each other.

Should you ever have too much stress in war mode due to PvP activities, you can temporarily deactivate it. But get used to doing the quests with the war mode activated.

In war mode there is the danger of PvP - but there is also more anima.

Repeatable sources of anima

You get most of the anima from the repeatable sources. These are missions or treasures that you can complete or open daily or at certain intervals. These include:

  • World quests
  • Daily quests
  • Weekly quests
  • Special event quests
  • Treasures
  • Rare Mobs

Anima from world quests

World Quests are missions that are available from level 60 and appear all over the Shadowlands. You can already see them on the world map in advance. Around every 6 hours there are new world quests, while old quests from the game rotate. World quests typically stay active between 24 hours and 72 hours before disappearing. The only exception here is the PvP world quest, which changes its location every 6 hours.

Some world quests give anima as a reward. Upon completion, they grant badges that grant 35 anima. As a reward, there are always between 1 and 4 of these badges, i.e. between 35 anima and 140 anima. If you are short on time, you should only complete missions that award 3 or 4 of these badges to get the maximum return for minimal effort.

World quests like this give 140 anima (+ war mode bonus). They are particularly lucrative.

Basically: Longer world quests are always worthwhile if they award 4 anima badges. Even if you do it for a while, the return is worth the anima.

Elite world quests that take place in the respective elite area of ​​a zone also have a high chance of writing out 250 anima as a reward. These quests are therefore particularly lucrative and should be given priority. As a rule, you can simply use the group finder to find players who want to complete these quests. Together with the War Mode bonus, these quests give around 300 anima.

The arena quest in Maldraxxus is particularly worthwhile because you can combine it with the daily "Bet on Yourself".

By the way: You should also complete quests that grant you media for your class. If you have activated all media, then the world quests have a good chance of offering anima as a reward instead of the media.

Daily quests

There are currently only a few daily missions. One of them is “Bet on Yourself” from Maldraxxus . You can take them east of the arena every day after completing the pre-quest series. The mission wants you to defeat a certain enemy in the arena and invariably lures with 105 anima every day.

This is particularly lucrative when the arena world quest is active at the same time and also grants anima. So you kill two birds with one stone.

Apart from this quest, there are other daily missions that are bound to your pact and do not always provide anima. Night Fae can talk to the mushroom Marasmius and receive a daily mission. However, it doesn't always give anima.

Weekly quests

You can get weekly dungeon quests in Oribos under the inn. There are 2 missions for different dungeons every week. The quests give reputation and both 5x 35 anima each, so a total of 350. Since the quests can be completed on any difficulty (normal, heroic, mythical, mythical +), this should be done "in passing" for PvE players anyway.

Further weekly quests should be of particular interest to PvP players. At the PvP vendors in Oribos you can accept different quests that vary every week. Most of the time you have to do a certain type of PvP for this. This can be arena battles, battlefields or heroic battlefields. Sometimes you just have to get honor, in other cases you even have to win.

The quests attract with anima between 250 and 500. The time required for this is relatively high, after all, you have to fight a lot of battles.

So it's only worth it for players who like to play PvP anyway. If you force yourself to do this only for the anima, you could quickly get frustrated and should avoid these quests.

Special event quests

There are regular bonus events in WoW. The World Quest Bonus Week is particularly interesting here. There is a higher-level quest that you can accept in Oribos or directly from the adventure guide. This major quest wants you to complete 20 world quests over the course of a week. That then rewards with an additional 750 anima. A large amount for players who complete 2-3 world quests every day to replenish their anima reserves.

Just check the calendar every Wednesday to see which bonus event is currently active. The next world quest event starts on March 3rd, 2020.


Numerous treasures in the Shadowlands can be plundered anew every day in all 4 areas. Mostly you only get small amounts of anima, usually in the form of badges that grant 5 anima. A treasure gives between 0 and 6 of these badges, i.e. up to 30 anima - in rare cases more.

Treasures are tempting - but they are hardly worthwhile for Anima.

The treasures are therefore not worthwhile as a reliable source for anima. However, if you “are around anyway”, you can of course take the treasure with you. However, you shouldn't expect a really large anima yield here.

Rare Mobs

Like treasure, rare enemies are available every day and can be fought every day. They can also leave behind small amounts of anima, usually between 5 and 35.

The pure yield is therefore not worthwhile here. But it can be lucrative if you want to farm the rare enemies anyway, for example because you want additional rewards from them, such as mounts, toys or pets. Only for the anima is it not worthwhile to hunt down the rare enemies in a targeted manner.

Dungeons and Raids

Bosses in dungeons and raids can also leave anima, but in very small amounts. A "Mythic +" dungeon only grants about 35 anima. This bears no relation to the time required for this content. It's a nice bonus, but nobody should play dungeons to farm Anima - it's just not worth it.

However, there is a change here. From next week (February 9th) there will be more anima from difficult dungeons - depending on level 35, 70 or 105. The anima from the raids will also be increased, since each boss will drop between 105 and 175 anima, which is definitely a weekly farm makes lucrative.

Raid bosses in Castle Nathria, for example, give a little anima. But it's not really worth it.

Unique sources

Aside from all the repeatable sources, there are also a few unique quests that can only be completed once. For example, there is a dungeon quest for the Theater of Pain, which rewards 750 anima once. Other dungeons also have such quests, which you can unlock in the course of the areas and complete at the maximum level.

For the conclusion of Nathria Castle, there are even 1,250 anima if you loot Remornia of Denathrius.

Even if these quests can only be completed once, they give a nice boost that you should take with you on your character.

Avoid unnecessary anima costs

In order to get into the plus with farming Anima, one should also be aware of a number of game contents that devour large amounts of Anima. If you click here inattentively, you can waste several thousand anima without any real benefit. These traps in anima cost are to be avoided. So if you can, never spend anima on:

Healing adventurers at the adventure table: When you send your followers and adventurers on missions, they inevitably get injured or defeated. With just two clicks, you can output anima to instantly heal it again. However, you should never use that. Complete healing can cost between 2,000 and 3,000 anima.

Instead, just wait and see. The adventurers heal themselves over time. Just let your stretchers rest for 12-24 hours and they will be in top shape again - without the use of valuable anima.

Healing adventurers is really expensive. Just wait a few hours is the better alternative here.

Avoid expensive missions: Completing the adventure missions can also cost valuable anima. Basically the following applies here:

  • Normal missions cost 10 anima.
  • Rare missions (silver dragon) cost 25 anima.
  • Elite missions (golden dragon) cost 50 anima.

In addition, there are small increases when you add troops. Avoid rare and elite missions while saving your anima. You should only accept the normal missions if they offer Anima as a reward. If you do that, you will even go out on the adventures with a plus in anima!

Avoid revaluations if they are unnecessary: This is actually self-explanatory, but should be said again here. You can spend anima on two types of upgrades.

You get full anima reserves especially if you don't spend it on unnecessary stuff.

For one thing, you can upgrade the pact set to item level 197. This is only worthwhile if you want to equip second characters or if you don't play any other PvE or PvP content. Then this is definitely a worthwhile investment with which the farming of Anima can be accelerated in the long term. Because with better equipment you also complete world quests faster.

The second type of upgrade is the various buildings in your Pact Sanctum. They always devour large amounts of anima. A single upgrade costs between 1,000 and 15,000 anima. This is an investment that you should consider carefully.

In principle, it is not necessary to fully upgrade the pact sanctum. Almost everything here is pure cosmetics, with a few exceptions such as a portal directly to Oribos. But if you want to save anima, you should limit yourself to a few upgrades and only expand what you really need.

Set goals for motivation

One of the great advantages and disadvantages is the sheer amount of items that can be purchased with Anima. Depending on the pact and class, there are around 300 different objects that can be bought. This can be overwhelming and inhibit motivation.

Therefore, you should set yourself small, achievable goals and then work through them piece by piece.

Choose what you want to buy with your Anima first. Maybe it's a certain transmog set, upgrading a pact building or a fancy mount.

It is much better for motivation to set small goals that can be achieved in the foreseeable future. You will see that you can achieve your anima goals much easier if you think in small stages and dust off small rewards over and over again.

Ultimately, you should understand that anima is a long-term resource. It was developed by Blizzard in such a way that you will probably always have something for the entire duration of the Shadowlands expansion that you can buy with Anima. If you really want to have everything, you should plan a lot of time and think carefully about how to proceed.

Do you still farm anima? Do you have any other tips and tricks on how to get the resource?

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