WoW Guide: Tamed Glade Runner - How to get the mount


WoW Guide: Tamed Glade Runner - How to get the mount

A little treasure in World of Warcraft contains a really nice mount. We reveal how you plunder the clearing walker and get a new mount.

On the way to the world boss Oranamonos, many players pass a treasure in the Ardenwald that they have not yet plundered: the tamed clearing runner ("Tame Gladerunner"). But the treasure cannot be opened just like that and disappears as soon as you approach it. We reveal how you get the treasure and with it the chic mount Shimmerebearer.

What do you have to do? In order to get hold of the Shimmering Fog Runner and loot the treasure "Tamed Glade Runner", you have to solve a little riddle. This is similar to the puzzle that you already know from the Tirna Scithe dungeon, because you have to cross the forest in a certain order. Only if you move from area to area in the correct order can you end up getting the mount.

This is how you get the Shimmer Nebula Runner in WoW

Go to the coordinates 31/54 in the Ardenwald. This is the place where you would go from the first boss in the dungeon Tirna Scithe down into the labyrinth.

Here you now step through a large archway towards the west, where it goes down to the labyrinth. Watch out for the blue lanterns hanging on the archway! You have to follow exactly these lanterns (without mistakes). This means:

  • Turn left at the first intersection.
  • At the next intersection you go right.
  • Then you go left through the archway and right again.
  • Now you have 4 options. Take the third exit from the left, next to it you will see a blue lamp.
  • At the last crossroads you take the second junction from the left and you are at the treasure.
WoW Guide: Tamed Glade Runner - How to get the mount

If you've done everything right, you can now attack the elite opponent Shizgher. Defeat him and then click on the glowing unicorn and get the mount.

If Shizgher disappears when you enter the clearing, then you have not followed the path correctly. Then start all over again. Occasionally there is also a bug in which WoW does not count all steps correctly. Even then you have to start all over again.

It's easier to fly or with stealth: If you want to simplify the whole task a little, you can simply fly the route within a few seconds and avoid fighting. Flying a mount is not yet possible in Shadowlands, but there is an item in the Ardenwald that can help: a pinch of fairy dust.

You can loot it from the Fae east of the heart of the forest, at coordinates 53/61. You can have several of these items in your inventory, but note that they only have a short duration and then dissolve. So it's best to collect four or five of them and then go to the treasure.

So that the puzzle can be solved on the fly, you should only hover slightly above the ground. If you fly too high, the game may not register the correct change from one section to the next.

Have you got the mount yet? Or do you walk past the unopened treasure every time, gritting your teeth?

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