Xingchiu in Genshin Impact: How to get it and skills

 Find out what are the characteristics of the Xingchiu in Genshin Impact. Here we show you how to achieve it, its unique and passive abilities and what role it plays in combat.

Xingchiu in Genshin Impact: How to get it and skills

Xingchiu , also known as Xingqiu, is one of the playable characters from Genshin Impact that we can use in our adventures. In order to create a good team of adventurers, you need to know each character and also be aware of which are the best . Next in this entry of our complete guide we will show you how to get Xingchiu, its characteristics , what are its abilities, talents and unique constellations so that you know how to get the most out of it and create a good build for it.

How to get Xingchiu in Genshin Impact?

Like many other characters in the game, Xingchiu can be obtained through the Wishes from the Gachapon shop , spending our Destinations or Protogems that we have accumulated.

Since he is a four-star character, he has a good chance of being obtained by this method, both in Permanent Wishes and in Limited or Event Wishes. For example, Xingchiu is much more likely to be obtained in the Drifting Floating Limited Gachapon (Jan 12 - Feb 2, 2021).

Xingchiu Features

This is the basic information about Xingchiu and his main characteristics as a character.

"Xingchiu is a young master from Liyue's Feiyun Merchants Guild. From a very young age, he was known to be very studious and polite. Although he is quiet with strangers, he also has his moments of extroversion."

  • Rarity: 4 stars.
  • Weapon type: Light sword.
  • Element / Vision: Hydro.
  • Role in the team: Support.
  • Region: Liyue.

What are the talents and constellation of Xingchiu

Here we show you all the unique combat skills of this character.


These are Xingchiu's elemental attacks, talents, and abilities . Remember that they can be unlocked as you promote the character , in this way it will also become more powerful.

  • Normal Attack: Guhua Sword Technique: Perform 5 quick attacks. It consumes a certain amount of Stamina to land a crossed sword strike (Charged Attack). Launches from the air to hit the ground (Downward Attack).

  • Guhua Sword: Deadly Torrential Rain - Land twin blows with his sword, dealing Hydro Damage. At the same time, this ability creates the maximum amount of Rain Swords, which will orbit around the character. When the character takes Damage, a Rain Sword will break, reducing the amount of Damage taken. It also increases the character's interrupt RES and 20% of Xingchiu's Hydro Damage Bonus will be converted into additional Damage reduction for Rain Swords.

  • Guhua Sword: Rain Saber - Activate the Rainbow Sword and fight with a shower of ghost swords, while creating the maximum number of Rain Swords. With the Rainbow Sword, Normal attacks will unleash consecutive Rain Sword attacks that deal Hydro Damage. The maximum number of Rain Swords will remain during the skill's effect (these effects carry over to other characters)

  • Secrets of Water: When Swords of Rain is interrupted or its duration expires, the current character receives 6% of Max Life. of Xingchiu.

  • Pitting Blades: Xingchiu receives a 20% Hydro Damage Bonus.

  • Sudden Flash: When crafting Character Talent Materials, there is a 25% chance to recover used materials.


These are the 6 levels of Constellation and passive skills of Xingchiu (remember that to be able to climb each one you need to get the Stella Fortuna item ):

  • Rain on wet: Max. Rain Swords Charges +1.

  • Bright Rainbow: Extends the duration of Rainsaber by 3 sec and reduces the Hydro RES of enemies hit by Rain of Blades by 15% continuously for 4 sec.

  • Verse Weaver: Increase Rainsaber Skill Level +3. It can be increased up to Lv. fifteen.

  • Peacemaker of Evil: Over the duration of Rainsaber, the Damage dealt by Deadly Torrential Rain is increased by 50%.

  • Dance in the Rain: Increase Deadly Torrential Rain skill level +3 It can be increased up to Lv. fifteen.

  • Poetry Collection: Every 2 Rainsaber attacks will greatly increase the Damage of Rain of Swords. When hit, Xingchiu recovers 3 Energy.

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