You can turn off the glow of enemies in Diablo 4


You can turn off the glow of enemies in Diablo 4

While you may not have seen the whitish light flickering when hitting enemies in the official Diablo 4 gameplay trailers , it is still there. This is quite a common feature in such games, but it undermines the atmosphere somewhat. The good news is that you can turn it off if you don't like it.

During a Q&A broadcast at BlizzCon, Game Director Luis Barriga said Diablo 4 will include accessibility options, which will include the glow of the hit.

“So we really like the way [glow] works - the emphasis it puts on how intuitive combat feels - but we've run into situations where certain team members find it very distracting, almost an obstacle to play. Thus, we have the option as part of our accessibility package. We really want to make sure that as many people as possible can play our game. ”

Said Barriga.

He was asked if it is possible to disable the glowing red outline that appears around enemies when you hover over them. He said that now he could not say about it, and that he meant only about flashes on impact.

To see the glow on impact I'm talking about, you need to watch some of the gameplay filmed by the press during BlizzCon 2019, because both the red outlines and similar glow are missing in the official Diablo 4 trailers.

It's fair to assume that these lighting effects have been removed in the official trailers because some of the coolness is lost when the "video game" elements are introduced to help with visual clarity. I really think the game looks better without red outlines or white flashes, although it might be more comfortable to play with the effects enabled.

But whichever setting you prefer, it's good that players have a choice. I'm also curious to know what else is included in these accessibility options, as being highly customizable is always a plus.

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