Ys IX - Guide to Leveling

 Let's find out how to quickly level up in YS IX: Monstrum Nox.

Whether it's to reach the trophy obtainable at level 99 or to facilitate the adventure, leveling is certainly useful in YS IX: Monstrum Nox . Fortunately for PlayStation 4 trophy hunters , from Chapter 6 onwards, there is a very simple way to accumulate levels quickly and without much effort. So let's see how to do power-leveling in YS IX, using a small trick that can take you to level 99 in less than two hours.

Ys IX - Guide to Leveling

There are two prerequisites for using this farming method:

  1. Having reached chapter 6 “The Renegade Secret” and its final dungeon
  2. Get access to the "Cheese Gratin Recipe " recipe also accessible in Chapter 6 by speaking to Jessica in the Entertainment District
Ys IX - Guide to Leveling

Once you have unlocked the dungeon "Emain Macha" you will have to go to the "Mid" teleporter in the area, turn around and go back to the room before where an enemy level 90 will drop you . It can be scary, but it's actually pretty easy to defeat. Eat the Cheese Gratin obtained through the recipe to get a strong boost to the low exp and defeat this enemy. Then teleport to the last checkpoint in the area, again back to the previous room and you will find 2 other level 90 enemies, face them and teleport out of the dungeon. This will allow the 3 mobs to respawn.

Once this is done it's just a matter of repeating the process.

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