YS IX - How to unlock the superboss

 YS IX: Monstrum Nox has one last, portentous challenge in the form of a superboss, let's see together how to unlock it.

In the last chapter of YS IX: Monstrum Nox an optional superboss is hidden , which will test your fighting skills and be Balduq's ultimate challenge . It is a level 95 enemy, with an extremely high HP count and which will require all the skills learned during the adventure to defeat it . However, to deal with it you will first need to meet some pre-requisites. So let's see how to unlock the optional superboss in YS IX .

YS IX - How to unlock the superboss

The requirements to unlock the battle are all very simple, but it's easy to miss something. In fact, it will be necessary to face all the "raids" of the Monstrum Eos, reaching a rating greater than or equal to S. Taking S is not particularly difficult , however, you will need to unlock the Eos first. To ensure that all raids can be faced, it will be necessary to bring the “Nox” counter over 100 twice in each chapter . Whenever this fills up an Eos will be unlocked. In each chapter there are only 2 Eos available, excluding special events related to the narrative that is impossible to get lost.

YS IX - How to unlock the superboss

Once you have obtained the S ranks in the various raids, you will be able to find a new special raid, accessible at the gates of Balduq Prison.

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