15 funniest GIFs from Valheim

15 funniest GIFs from Valheim


Mad trees, creepy trolls and other surprises from one of the most popular games in February

Valheim was a real discovery in February. Created by a team of five, the game has surpassed the recognized hits on Steam in terms of the number of online and sold over 5 million copies. You can read our first impressions of the game in a separate article . Every day in the harsh world of the Vikings, several hundred thousand users survive, who are faced with unusual situations. We have collected the funniest of them below.

If you dodge a troll's blow, it doesn't mean that you won't die in a second.

When a dangerous enemy suddenly becomes a vehicle

Severe Viking slingshot with a man instead of a projectile

Being a Viking lumberjack is sometimes deadly

[Valheim] Hello HR? I'd like to file for worker's compensation from r/GamePhysics

What the fastest travel to a troll's cave looks like


Still think Doom Eternal is too bloody?

Feathered Draugr Guardian Angel. True, the draugr died in a minute anyway.

Arthritis reminds of itself, even when you have long been a skeleton

"Hello, I am a salesman, would you like to buy products from the catalog?"

Some people invent their own sports in Valheim. For example, here the streamer made an analogue of ski jumping.

When I got my own free lumberjack

"Just give me back my gear, man!"

You can find anything in the world of Valheim - even flying ships

[Watch with sound!] Never underestimate a troll!

[Watch with sound!] And finally: how an ordinary battle with grayling can be turned into an imperishable meme

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