2.4 "High Static Pressure LCD Panel on 240mm and 360mm MSI CORELIQUID K RL Kits

 MSI has launched the MPG CORELIQUID K liquid coolers with dual and triple radiator models, high static pressure and ARGB lighting.

In mid-2020, MSI announced the RL MAG CORELIQUID kits , models that are clearly overshadowed by these new solutions. The MSI MPG CORELIQUID K come to improve them in practically every aspect, from a CPU block with a more aggressive aesthetic, a high static pressure and two models of 240 and 360 mm available. Starting with its fans, the TORX 4.0, they reach up to 2500 RPM and can be completely stopped if the temperature is found to be low enough. At maximum RPM they have a high static pressure of 4.29 mmH20 and a loudness of 39.9 dBA.

2.4 "High Static Pressure LCD Panel on 240mm and 360mm MSI CORELIQUID K RL Kits

The block has been redesigned and is now rectangular in shape, while the pump remains the same, a model that reaches 4200 RPM and generates 20 dBA of noise. However, a notable change has been incorporated into the block since now the upper part turns out to be a 2.4 "LCD panel that can be configured to show different information on the status of the equipment.

At the moment the company has not announced the prices of the MSI CORELIQUID K , which we remember are two models in lengths of 240 and 360 mm only for 12 cm fans, which are already included. Looking at the features, it looks like they will compete with the Thermaltake TOUGHLIQUID .

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