25-year-old esports star allegedly attempted suicide after being banned from Twitch and ending his career


25-year-old esports star allegedly attempted suicide after being banned from Twitch and ending his career

The 25-year-old Chilean Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios was considered one of the best players in Super Smash until a year ago. Bros and had a well-running Twitch channel. Career collapsed in July 2020 after allegations that he sent sexually charged messages to minors. Now a former partner reports that the 25-year-old tried to commit suicide. That causes horror among the fans.

We know that about the alleged suicide attempt: We only know the report from his former partner from ZeRo. She writes on Twitter:

That was the gaming career of ZeRo: The Chilean began his career as a player in the Nintendo series Super Smash Bros. He was considered the best player of the series on the Wii U because he won 56 tournaments in a row. He even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. He achieved the winning streak in 2014 and 2015. He was particularly known for his game with Diddy Kong and Fox.

He's earned $ 182,000 in prize money during his career, a lot for a player in the Super Smash Bros. niche (via esportsearning ).

In addition to his career as an e-athlete, ZeRo was active on Twitch: Here he had an account with 521,900 followers. On YouTube, his channel scratched the mark of one million subscribers. 

After grooming allegations, Twitch ban and expulsion followed

That was the break: Barrios' career ended in July 2020 after he was accused of sending sexually suggestive messages to two minors 6 years earlier, in 2014. He had first denied the allegations, but then admitted.

As a result, he was fired from his “Tempo Storm” team. He withdrew from esports and stopped uploading videos to his YouTube channel. Previously, he had created Super Smash Bros. content there that received millions of views. Twitch permanently banned his account.

These are the reactions: Many fans are dismayed by the news. A user on Twitter says: ZeRo was a role model for them, who made a stupid mistake years ago when he was not doing well. Some are annoyed by how harshly the ZeRo community was a year ago.

Other users, however, say: ZeRo behaved wrongly at the time. They would have wished he had gone into therapy to get a second chance. The course now is tragic, but does not change anything in the previous actions of the player. 

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