With Monster Hunter Rise, the hunting fever has started again. We give veterans and newcomers some important tips and tricks that will make your hunt a lot easier.

Tip 1: Optional side quests for armor balls 

In Monster Hunter Rise, you will most likely focus on the story-relevant village and site quests. Before you sign up for a new task with the quest girl Hinoa, you should take a look at the optional quests. You can accept several of these to secure additional rewards. The best: These are tasks that you do on the side during the normal hunt anyway: collect honey or plants, kill small or large monsters, take a wyvern ride.

This is particularly necessary in order to get access to a large number of set-up balls. Use these at the blacksmith Hamon to improve your existing armor. This is the only way to keep up with the monsters that are getting stronger. So check before each quest whether you have accepted the maximum number of optional side quests. You will receive the reward the next time you talk to Hinoa.

Tip 2: Everything about the wyvern ride and how to bring it about

The Wyvern Ride is one of the coolest new features in Monster Hunter Rise. You swing yourself on a battered monster and can then control it to attack yourself or other monsters. However, you can't just hit a monster as usual so that it can be ridden. Instead, you have to inflict special rope damage on it.

This is where the rope beetle comes in. Each weapon has its own silk tie actions that gradually weave the opponent into silk. You can clearly see whether you are causing rope damage by the fact that the damage value you inflicted is highlighted in blue. However, there are other ways to inflict rope damage. For example, when you get into the air with various rope beetle maneuvers and attack while swinging or use certain domestic animals such as spiders. If you are riding your Palico, press R to run towards a monster. Shortly before the meeting, you jump with B and attack while still in the air. This also counts as rope damage. However, it takes a long time until you trigger the rideable state.

It's much faster when two monsters clash. This happens either by accident or by luring two opponents to each other with a Miefnerz. If they attack each other, they also inflict the damage that is highlighted in blue that you need. Take the chance and swing with A or an attack on the monster and use the on-screen attacks to attack. If you hurl the mount against a wall or other monster, press B during impact to maintain balance. So you can even put the second monster into the riderable status and damage the first monster again.

During the wyvern ride, a special bar appears that fills up with attacks on enemies. If it is full, you can use the key combination that appears to trigger a particularly powerful attack. Don't waste too much time. If the clock runs out to the left of the bar, you will be thrown off.

Tip 3: eat dangos for buffs

Dangos are snacks that you can put together yourself from three balls at canteens or in base camp during a mission to give you specific buffs for a quest. The effect disappears after completing the task.

You can pay for dangos with Kamura points and Zenny (the usual currency). If you have a Dango voucher, the order is on the house. Each type of dango can only be used once per skewer. You can find the corresponding effect and its activation chance in the info box.

Dango strengthen attack and defense, improve the yield of collectibles, rewards or resistance to certain elements. Depending on the mission, you will gain decisive advantages!

Tip 4: this is how you save yourself grind!

In Monster Hunter Rise, it is inevitable to kill the same monster several times in order to collect all the parts for new equipment. Just save yourself a little grind by visiting the Buddy Plaza.

There you can hire the meow hunters if you talk to the Felyne chief Kogarashi. If you have enough buddies, you have the option of sending them on a selected route in which they collect rare items and monster materials for you while you are busy with another quest. You can also prematurely cancel the Meowster hunter expedition, but you will only receive the items you have collected up to this point.

Do you need a very specific item? Then you should contact the trader Rondine in front of the ship Argosy, which is anchored on the coast of Buddy Plaza. While you are on a mission, the buddies sent out get you the objects of your dreams. If you use Kamura points, you can choose your buddy's bargaining ability. The higher his level, the greater the range of skills that can bring you more objects

Have you hired a new buddy? Then train him passively! A new Palico or Palamute actually has to be taken on missions so that its level increases and the selection of its abilities grows. If this takes you too long and you cannot do without your already trained buddy, send the newcomer to the buddy dojo. In exchange for Kamura points, they immediately receive experience points there. 

Tip 5: cut off monster parts with the right weapons

Some monster materials for certain equipment do not drop normally. Unlike blunt attacks like shields, which reduce a monster's stamina, cutting weapons can sever certain parts like tails. This not only has the advantage that the monster is robbed of one of its weapons. As already indicated, some materials are only accessible through separated body parts.

For example, if you manage to sever a tail, be sure to make a note of where it is so that you can pick up its special loot. Weapons that are particularly suitable for this are swords, axes and lances. But bow rifles and bows can also be equipped with cutting ammunition or corresponding coatings. However, it is much more difficult with them to hit the wildly moving parts of the body.

Tip 6: Traps: Catch monsters instead of killing them

You don't always have to slay a monster to complete a mission. It may even be worth capturing instead of disassembling it. The reward is materials that you would very rarely or never receive if you killed this monster.

To do this, you have to weaken a monster first. Since there is no life indicator, it is essential to pay attention to the behavior of the opponent. If the monster begins to hobble, move more uncoordinated and look generally damaged, the time has come to try to catch it. To do this, you place a previously purchased or made trap and lure the creature into it. If it is caught, you have a few seconds to treat it with calming bombs. There are also ammunition and coatings that will calm a montster in this situation. Use these remedies until you are successful. 

Tip 7: Fast travel: set up new base camps & place large rope beetles

Even with the palamute as a mount, walking paths on the large maps sometimes turn out to be long. Especially if you pass out or want to check your equipment at base camp, it can be helpful to use a few shortcuts. By the way, you lose less of the scarce time that remains to complete the hunt.

On the one hand, you should search the maps for possible locations for additional base camps. You can recognize this by the accumulated wood residues. A message to this effect will also appear on the screen. Once you have completed the ongoing quest, visit the merchant Kagero in Kamura. He will set up another camp for you if you do a small side job for him.

The more base camps you find and set up, the more mobile you become. Each of them is also a fast travel point that you can select on the map (press and hold “-”). So you can be back in action in no time after a fainting attack.

Additionally, keep an eye out for jeweled lilies. These flowers are placed in specified locations on the map. Large rope beetles can be permanently attached to them. In contrast to the conventional rope beetle, this one transports you over long distances in a certain direction. Often, jeweled lilies are placed in such a way that you can use them one behind the other to cross a large part of the area in a short period of time.

You can usually get large rope beetles from the man who stands on the left in front of the bridge that leads to Buddy Plaza. Mostly he'll give you a few copies, and occasionally he'll ask you a favor before releasing the insects. 

Tip 8: This is how you start multiplayer missions

The multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise is very straightforward once you've figured out how it works. In principle, site quests can only be completed with other players. In contrast to the village quests that you receive from Hinoa at the large intersection in Kamura, you can only accept site quests in the building surrounded by cherry trees, the meeting place, at Minoto.

If you want to go hunting with certain players locally or online, the first thing you have to do is speak to Senri the postman (a Palico) in front of the steel mill. There you can create a camp (host) or search for another camp (join). Afterwards it is possible for all players to use the facilities of Kamura and set off together. Select a mission at the site quest counter. Next, the other players have to join the quest via the quest board to the right of the switch. Once everyone is ready, the host can start the mission.

If you need help with a quest, you can use a join request. Other players can find and answer these questions. So it is possible for them to join the quest, even if it is already in progress.

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