A 5.6 GB mod for Skyrim changes all dungeon textures


A 5.6 GB mod for Skyrim changes all dungeon textures

Modder Iconic has released a new HD texture pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. According to the developer, all the textures of the game's dungeons have been redone and improved using artificial intelligence.

Like Iconic's previous work, the Project Clarity - Dungeon Textures Redone package enhances Bethesda's original textures. Thus, in terms of quality, they are far from the original, but, nevertheless, they have their advantages. They can also be used as a great base for creating new textures.

The mod is compatible with Project Clarity - Creature Textures Redone , Project Clarity - Effects Textures Redone , Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone , as well as Grass and Ground Overhaul SE . In addition, it must be compatible with Septentrional Landscapes SE , CleverCharff AIO HD texture pack and with a mod that changes the textures of almost all races in the game .

In addition to everything, it can be used with the Enhanced Blood Textures mod , which makes the game especially bloody, and with the mod that adds over 200 new spells . It is also compatible with a modification that completely overhauls the enemy system .

There are currently two versions of this package, a 5.6GB 4K version and a 1.6GB 2K version.

Download Project Clarity - Dungeon Textures Redone here...

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