Anno 1701: Trainer (+3) [1.4512.940870]

 A game: Anno 1701

Category: Cheats → Trainers

Author: frX

The size: 505.33 kB

Anno 1701: Trainer (+3) [1.4512.940870]

Author: frX

Edition: UPLAY

Game Version: Latest

Trainer Language: German / English

Number of Functions: 3

Creation Date of Trainer: 03/11/2021


NUM1 Activate Trainer

NUM2 $ 999.999 (buy something for the changes to take effect)

NUM4 Cure (When activated, every object you click on is restored to 100%, for example, Ships, Buildings, Soldiers, it may take a few seconds .)

NUM4 Add resources (!! IMPORTANT - You must build or already have at least 1 village center and 1 pioneer house for the option to work !!) Select the resource you want to add, then press NUM4 and wait a few seconds after the resource was added, don't forget to press NUM4 again and deactivate the function, otherwise errors may occur)

Additional information: although the resources are set to 999, some of them will be set to the “maximum” you can have.

Trainer installation instructions

How to unzip the file correctly?

In 95% of cases, files for games are in the .RAR or .ZIP format. The former can be downloaded and unpacked using the trial version of the WinRAR program. To do this, open the archive using this program and click on the "Extract" button ("Extract to" in the English version) and select any folder on your hard drive, but do not select the folder with the game, as the archive may contain subfolders, and then the file won't work.

If the file is packed into a ZIP archive, then it will be enough to open it through the standard Windows Explorer. Sometimes you can find archives with the extension .7Z, in order to unpack them, you will need to download the 7-Zip archiver. It's free and pretty handy, and it can also work with .RAR and a bunch of other less popular types of archives.

How to install the trainer correctly?

When you have unpacked the archive, find it through the "Explorer" and view the contents of the folder. Usually a trainer is a single file with the extension .EXE, but sometimes it can include others, as well as instructions (usually called ReadMe.txt).

The installation method for all trainers is similar and consists in placing all files in the distribution of the game, in the same folder where the executable file is located, which is responsible for starting the game. Sometimes it is not so easy to find it, but if you have an icon on your desktop with which you can start the game, then you can use the following method:

1. Right-click on the icon;

2. In the context menu that opens, select the "Properties" option;

3. In the window that opens, go to the "Shortcut" tab and click on the "File location" button.

After that, in the "Explorer" will open the folder in which the EXE file of the game is located. The trainer must be copied into the same folder, unless otherwise stated in the instructions attached to the trainer.

After that, all that remains is to run the trainer and familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts to activate its capabilities, and then, without closing the trainer, start the game.

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