Battlefield 6 announcement leaked

 The official announcement of Electronic Arts's upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 6 about the modern war against realism and destructibility has been revealed.

Fans of the popular Battlefield shooter series are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the new part, but so far the publisher Electronic Arts is in no hurry with the official announcement. However, information about the long-awaited event was shared by the famous journalist Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat, who has repeatedly revealed details to gamers about different games. He stated that EA plans to announce Battlefield 6 quite soon - in May 2021.

Battlefield 6

Battlefield 6

Jeff Grubb clarified that so far no one at EA has made any official statements about the expected events related to Battlefield 6 or other new products. The journalist believes that now it is impossible to say for sure about anything, but the company is definitely planning an announcement for May. However, this may change. In addition, due to the restrictive measures related to the fight against the coronavirus, the development of any game, including Battlefield VI, can be very delayed. This will affect both the release date and the month chosen for the announcement.

Battlefield 6 is being developed by DICE . This time, players will again take part in modern warfare, as in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. According to information from insiders, players will find an improved destructibility system and realistic graphics that use the full power of modern gaming platforms. The release of Battlefield 6 is expected in late 2021.

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