Bethesda will present Starfield at E3 and announce its launch by the end of the year, according to Jeff Grubb


Bethesda will present Starfield at E3

Starfield will see the light of day later this year and will have a similar roadmap to Fallout 4, says journalist Jeff Grubb.

Starfield is one of Bethesda's most ambitious future projects ; the spearhead of upcoming games from the company, which has recently joined Microsoft. Along with The Elder Scrolls 6 and the new Indiana Jones game , Starfield is Bethesda's big bet for the new generation.

And we may not have to wait too long to enjoy it. A few months ago it was speculated that Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 would still take a few years to come out, and the truth is that we have barely seen a teaser and its official logo. But, be careful, because the game could go on sale at the end of this year 2021 ...

Hit- and- miss journalist Jeff Grubb claims at a Game Dealer event that there is a 90% chance that Starfield will launch later this year, unless there is a last-minute delay due to the pandemic. of COVID-19.

Apparently, Bethesda wanted to follow a similar roadmap to Fallout 4 in 2015. That is, hold a big presentation in the summer and launch the game at the end of the year. This would imply that this summer we would have a Bethesda presentation on Starfield , which would come out months later.

This is not confirmed, but as we say, Jeff Grubb is usually correct in his predictions . As you already know, this 2021 E3 will not be held in person, although an online ceremony with different conferences has been planned , and one of them would be Bethesda.

There are more connections to past information, such as the rumored Microsoft and Bethesda event, which goes beyond the panel discussion we saw last week. Everything indicates that Xbox will star in monthly events for the summer , when there is a great presentation about the future of Bethesda.

If this information is true, the futuristic RPG Starfield will go on sale by the end of the year , and we will have new details of the game soon . Of course, it is not yet confirmed if it will be exclusive to Xbox Series X | S and PC , or if it will also be released on PS5.

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