Bloodborne at 4K / 60fps is made possible by a mod, a PS5 dev kit and AI scaling


Bloodborne at 4K / 60fps is made possible by a mod, a PS5 dev kit and AI scaling

Bloodborne running at 60 frames per second is the dream of many fans and if possible at 4K, better than better. Although the procedure has not been easy.

If you have closely followed everything related to a possible remastering of Bloodborne on PS5 , surely you are familiar with a mod that showed that the PS4 game could reach the 60 fps that its fans long for, thanks to the work of Lance McDonald.

The long-awaited next-gen update for this PS4 exclusive is just a rumor, but while the wait and uncertainty continues, some are already working on making Yharnam look ... scary . Pay attention to this that we leave you here:

The title doesn't lie: Bloodborne running at 4K and 60fps is possible . Although it is not an official update, the desired goal has been achieved. How has it been possible? First of all, Bloodborne has been moved to a PS5 dev kit or is what they assume from Digital Foundry based on the trophy interface.

This allows the Lance McDonald mod to reach the already achieved 60 fps with a 1920x1080 resolution . So that's not 4K... for the car. This is where the next step runs. From Digital Foundry they have managed to achieve 4K resolution through the use of artificial intelligence.

The Topaz Video Enhance AI tool uses the power of the Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card to scale viewed footage (submitted anonymously) to the desired resolution. After knowing this, a simple conclusion is drawn. Is Bloodborne possible at 4K / 60fps? Yes but no. The same was not so simple ... This version technically exists, but it is impossible to play . What could be achieved on PS5 is Bloodborne at 1080p / 60 fps.

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