Boruto shows one of the most beastly deaths seen so far in this anime


Boruto shows one of the most beastly deaths seen so far in this anime

The Boruto anime continues to broadcast and shows a new, more gore side, including one of the most beastly deaths seen so far in this series.

Boruto's manga and anime have been developing the story of Naruto's son and the next generation of ninja from Leaf Village for several years now. The manga has been taking a new turn with increasingly dramatic events , and recently Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto took over the script for the manga series . The drama does not seem to remain only in the manga, since the anime has also surprised the followers of the series.

Both Boruto and his mother series have always had a certain dose of violence, since at the end of the day it is a shonen of action and fights. However, the most recent chapter of the anime has surprised fans by the brutality of death shown in this chapter in which a villain is cut in half ... literally.

The moment occurs in the middle of the fight between the Kara organization and Kawaki. Much anticipation had been created for Kawaki's first match, who resists the organization's plans and being kidnapped by Garo. Things did not end well for the antagonist, as the fight with Garo ended split in half and in the anime they did not think about it when it came to showing the body bleeding and the torso flying away during the fight. 

Of course, Boruto and Naruto have had their violent moments, and even so in the anime the amount of gore that this scene could have has been lowered if it is treated realistically, but for an anime that is more "soft" than normal " , It is shocking that they have decided to show the scene and the result of the combat in this way. Kawaki's appearance seems to have given a turn to the tone of the anime, so perhaps it is to be expected that we will have this type of more "graphic" scenes from now on. ahead.  

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