Brawl Stars creates Star League, the ladder with 19 ranks from bronze to master


Brawl Stars creates Star League, the ladder with 19 ranks from bronze to master

The internal competitive Brawl Stars is a reality! Supercell takes a revolutionary turn of the tiller with Star League forgetting the trophies to include ranked with 19 different types of rank , Bo3 games with picks and bans and a new control of random games to play alone or in teams.

The usual pike of any competitive ladder game was only worth with the comparison of trophies in Brawl Stars , but that already belongs to the past with the inclusion of the new ranks from Bronze 1 to Master 3, the two limits with which to discover the true level of each player in the game.

With that promise, Brawl Talk presents a bombshell to vindicate the internal fight, Star League , a mode that replaces the Star Fight and with which you can play all the daily games (without limit) to rise in rank and go as far as possible possible for end of season rewards.

With three different phases for each rank (Bronze I, II and III), the Brawl Talk has shown all the symbols between which Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Master differ, the latter with a marked red color that will define those with a higher level.

How will the Star League work?

Players will only be able to play two options, alone or in pre-selected teams of three players and from there, when entering the battle, both a game mode and a map will be randomly chosen to be faced in a best of three . The positive thing is that if you play alone, you will face players in the same situation, while if you go premade your rivals will also be prepared teams.

Before entering the battle there will be a new phase of picks and bans in which there will be a blind ban on each team with respect to the rival just before choosing the brawler to compete in the Bo3, the base with which to try to climb. Of course, progress is calculated according to the strength of the rival.

As in Starfight, Star Points will also be awarded at the end of the Season, and there will also be seasonal rewards such as profile icons or buying new skins with the points . In fact, this first season will be somewhat shorter than usual, since the rest will be adapted to the time of each Brawl Pass, about two months.

In the first season, players will be automatically placed by Supercell in different ranks according to the highest level they have reached so far in Starfight (maximum trophies), a tremendous start that will take the game to a previously unknown level.

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