Brawl Stars - how to get free gems (crystals)

 All current and relevant ways to get free gems and bonus crystals in Brawl Stars

There are several video game currencies used in Brawl Stars , but the most relevant of them are gems. This guide will walk you through all the legal ways to get free gems.

Buy Brawl Pass

The Brawl Pass is an alternative to the Battle Passes or Season Passes found in most major multiplayer games for PC and Microsoft or Sony consoles. However, it is impossible to call something like this a rarity for mobile games - we all know the VIP-level systems! So, by purchasing such a pass, you will provide yourself with the simplest source of free gems. Having reached level 70, you will 100% receive 120 gems. Don't be intimidated by the number 70 in the meaning of level. It's about the level of the Brawl Pass itself. It will not be difficult to pump it, because the developers are making every effort for this, creating many interesting tasks and generously rewarding them with appropriate experience points. Finally, by upgrading the Battle Pass for Brawl Stars,

Brawl Stars - how to get free gems (crystals)

Follow the social media of the game developers

You might not even have guessed, but there are indeed codes for Brawl Stars. These special codes are called promo codes and can be entered directly in the game. For this, a unique section was created. Continue to follow the game on social networks or through specialized sites that update the list of working promo codes in a timely manner. In most cases, they allow you to get free gems.

Upgrade Path to Glory

If you don't want to invest in Brawl Stars and want to get crystals completely free of charge, just keep playing the game. You don't need to perform any special actions or secondary tasks. Play and upgrade Path to Glory. To do this, it is enough to take part in different modes and accumulate battle cups. Don't worry: even though there are no gems among the official rewards on the Path to Glory, you will receive mega-boxes, and crystals drop out from there quite often.

For real money, but at a discount!

Supercell does not shy away from sales, therefore, if you have already decided to invest real money in virtual entertainment, we strongly recommend that you keep an eye on discounts and promotions. Make purchases exclusively during them. And they pass quite often. In this way, you can kind of earn additional free gems (for example, instead of buying 100, you will be given 150 crystals and the like).

Brawl Stars - how to get free gems (crystals)

Earn an author code

You never know? This option differs significantly from the three listed above. To begin with, a long process awaits you, which involves streaming and posting videos of Brawl Stars on Youtube or other services. And you will hardly get off with efforts alone: ​​it will take luck for Supercell to notice your talent and assign a unique author code. Then include this code in your videos so that subscribers will include your code when making any in-game purchases. Thanks to this, you will receive a bonus of 5% on their purchases!

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