Co-op shooter was hidden on Steam for 7 years, now you can play


Co-op shooter was hidden on Steam for 7 years, now you can play

Do you know the co-op shooter Sub Rosa? According to SteamDB, it has been in the Early Access phase on Steam since 2014, but it is only now that most players can see it.

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What kind of game is Sub Rosa? The shooter is about finding data discs and selling them. You and other teams figure out the conditions for trading. But whether you stick to it is up to you. Because if you betray your trading partners, you can get even more money as a reward.

So basically you can't trust anyone. Usually the matches lead to big shootouts in which the teams cheat on each other.

In another game mode, the Eliminator must take out a Savior. But he doesn't even know that he is the victim. Another player, the Protector, has this knowledge and must try to protect the Savior.

The game is played in a large, open game world. Sub Rosa is reminiscent of GTA Online or the films of director Quentin Tarantino due to the gameplay . Visually, you shouldn't expect high-end graphics. The shooter relies on a stylized low-poly look, as the trailer shows:

Sub Rosa has "hidden" for many years

Why is the game only now showing up on Steam? SteamDB shows that Sub Rosa has been on Steam since January 6, 2014 and even received regular updates there. The title was even played as Steamcharts proves. But until yesterday March 25th, the shooter was not officially listed.

The team explained that the previous version was an extremely early version. Because of this, only a few players came to the server. In 2017 there was a tweet that led to the hidden Steam page . Otherwise, players only became aware of the title through hearsay or YouTube videos.

Now Sub Rosa has achieved a status with which the team is ready to go public and present their online shooter to a larger audience.

How is the game being received? Sub Rosa has a rating of 85% on Steam (based on 1,809 ratings as of March 26th at 10:45 am). The exciting gameplay is praised. However, there are currently severe performance problems and the controls - especially with the vehicles - could be optimized.

  • Towelie explains on Steam : “I've never felt the pain of being cheated in a game so much. I have never seen a consensual deal end in a blood bond. This game is fantastic! "
  • Haddock says (via Steam ): "Like the movie Reservoir Dogs, only with blocky graphics."
  • TheFartBall AKA Gout Leech writes on Steam : “There is no game like Sub Rosa. You make your own fun and there are so many ways in which you can mess with your fellow players. "
  • caesarsalad is a little disappointed (via Steam ): "I had to return it because the community treats it more like GTA 5 and not like Sub Rosa."

If you want to play along, you can do so now via Steam. However, it is still an Early Access version and there is still a lot to be done. Are you looking for a shooter in which anything can happen and in which you cannot trust anyone, then Sub Rosa is worth a look. The game costs 19.99 euros.

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