CoD Warzone: K / D bill - who gets the kill and what counts as death?


CoD Warzone: K / D bill - who gets the kill and what counts as death?

In Call of Duty: Warzone , kills and victories are strong indicators of how good you are in the battle royale. But who actually gets a kill? And what counts as death for the K / D ratio? MeinMMO clears up.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, if you remove all of the life energy from an enemy with a targeted volley, that doesn't mean that you will get a kill for it.

If the opponent has allies or a self-resuscitation kit and gets back on his feet, you will get points for the damage caused - but your kill counter remains as it is. But what if another player finishes the enemy in the knockout phase? And what about the kills and deaths in the gulag?

MeinMMO shows you which kills and deaths in the Warzone count for your K / D ratio.

CoD Warzone: It all counts for your K / D ratio

Who will get the kill in Warzone?

The player who knocked out the opponent gets the kill. If you down a player, it doesn't matter if you give the enemy the rest yourself, a team member helps or another enemy player is out for an assist - the kill ends up in your account.

But the opponent must really be completely finished for this. If the laid-down soldier manages to get back on his feet, there is no kill for you.

What counts as death in Warzone?

Every time you are completely exhausted and no comrade can help you up, it counts as death. The same applies here - if you manage to get back on your feet from the knockout phase, this does not count as a kill or death for any player.

What about kills and deaths in the gulag?

All kills and deaths in the gulag count as in a normal match. Even if you bag kills as an uninvolved stone thrower , they will go to your kill account. If a player captures the flag, it does not count as a kill or death.

Do kills and deaths count in the preparation phase?

Not for your K / D or the leaderboard. But you can use the phase to complete tasks. The kills count here, for example, for the unlocking challenge of the popular Gray 5.56 , which you can otherwise only unlock with difficulty in Battle Royale.

How can I check my K / D?

Go to the "Quarters" tab in the Warzone main menu and select the "Dossier" menu item at the bottom. Here you can view your stats, such as your points, kills and victories.

The Warzone records a lot of your actions and collects a lot of data about your gameplay in the background. There are websites that access this data and prepare the information for you. Two good examples are:

In order to view your data, however, you have to set the option “Data Visible” to “All” in the profile of your linked accounts on “ ”. Then you only need to enter the corresponding gamertag of your platform on the pages and you will receive your extensive statistics - even in relation to the other players who share their gameplay data.

In the end, the K / D is an interesting value, but often does not have the expressiveness that is ascribed to it. Perhaps you take on a role in the team that has a supportive effect on your comrades. They then have more kills, but they also depend on your well-thought-out routes, calls or a good mood in order to be effective.

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