CoD Warzone: Open stadium doors & receive code - this is how you solve the puzzle

 Season 5 in Call of Duty: Warzone has made the stadium accessible to all players. There is also a new puzzle in the arena. In the following, we will explain to you how to get the code you need for the closed door, how to solve the puzzle and what rewards await you.

In addition to the closed  bunkers in Verdansk, you can also open a secret door in the stadium. This is a multi-part puzzle, similar to Bunker 11 . We will show you all the steps you need to get the code for the closed door in the stadium.

Important:  You should definitely try the booty mode, as you can spawn into the match here again. Of course, you can also do it in regular battle royale. However, it is much more difficult because there are currently so many players in and around the stadium.

Note:  With the current season 2, you can currently open all 3 rooms for which you actually need a blue access card without a key card. The rooms are filled with a few boxes and lots of loot. Important:  As a result, however, the Enigma weapon construction plan is no longer part of the loot and you cannot currently earn it. How long the rooms are freely accessible without a blue access card and how long the Enigma blueprint can no longer be found in the last room is currently not known.

Step 1 - Find the blue access cards (keycards)

The blue access cards (key cards) always spawn in different places in the stadium. There are no fixed sites here. As soon as you land, you have to go looking. With four players you can search a lot more rooms than in solo mode. There are a total of three blue access cards ("blue keycards") to be found. They are called as follows:

  • EL-21
  • P2-16
  • CL-19

Important:  The respective access card only spawns once. This means that you not only have to cover a great distance in the search, but you also have to hope that no other opponent will find the keycard beforehand. However, if you kill an opponent with an access card, you can loot it from him. Overall, it is difficult to find all three access cards at once.

In theory, you can solve the puzzle with just two cards, but it makes the last step a little harder (more on that below).

You can recognize the card by a blue glow.

Step 2 - Make your way to the matching door

Each card opens a specific door in the stadium. You can use the names of the key cards to identify the corresponding room. The names mean the following:

  • EL-21 = Executive Level or Executive Lounge
  • P2-16 = Parking Level 2
  • CL-19 = Concourse Level
The following map shows you the respective places from a bird's eye view. The three question marks stand for the last door where you have to enter the code you found:

Here you can see the locations of the rooms from a bird's eye view.

Step 3 - Open the respective door and use the computer

There is useful loot behind every door, of course you can collect it, but you should take care of the respective computers in the rooms. The computers are the key to the puzzle (more on that below). Before we deal with cracking the code, we will first show you the locations of the respective doors in detail.

Open the EL-21

After you have the EL-21 access card, you can open the door in the Executive Level or in the Executive Lounge, i.e. on the top floor of the stadium . This is what the door for the EL-21 access card looks like. It is on the top floor in the western part of the stadium:

This is the door that you use the EL-21 access card on.

Open P2-16

The door for P2-16 can be found in the underground car park below the stadium. This is in the northern part of the arena. For this you have to go to the lowest floor of the parking garage :

This is the door you will use the P2-16 access card on.

Open the CL-19

The last door is in the southern part of the stadium.  Concourse Level is the middle floor of the stadium. Go to the bar of the arena, there you will find the following door:

This is what the door on Concourse Level looks like.

Use computer and crack code

If you are in the respective rooms, you have to interact with the computer in there. The order of the doors does not matter, it is only important that you write down the code shown. This is what the computer looks like behind the door:

Interacts with the computer in the respective room.

The computer spits out numbers and symbols. Be sure to write them down! It is best to write down all three codes below each other, this will help you find the solution a little faster. The computer shows you the following symbols:

This is what the respective icons look like on the computer.

Give the symbols a respective name, which term you use is up to you. We named them house (H), nose (N) and trident (D) (yes, it's not a real trident, but it just has three lines, hence the name). Of course, you can also use other terms. In the team, just be aware of which symbol was named and how.

The order of the code in the respective rooms is random. So it changes every match. The following codes are only examples, but the principle behind the solution always remains the same.

When you've written down all three codes, you might get something like this:

  • 3 NH 9 5 NH
  • 3 N 6 D 5 NNH
  • 3 4 HD 5 NNH

If you write the codes one below the other, you can see the respective number of the symbol relatively easily. In our example, the solution code would be “3 4 6 9 5 4 4 6”. You can always find out the numbers of the symbols when a number is above or below a symbol. In our example, the "D" is a 9 etc.

Then go to the door where you have to enter the solution code. The door is located in the southeast part of the stadium on the Executive Level. This is what the door looks like, behind it is a server room:

This is what the final door to the server room looks like.

You can enter the code as often as you want , even if you try several times you can still enter codes. In theory, you can find out the code using the method above with only two codes, as it is very difficult to find all three access cards.

For example, a solution with just two codes could look like this:

  • D 8 9 H 3 NHN
  • D 8 9 7 NNHN

This would give you the following code: D 8 9 7 3 3 7 3. This would mean that you just had to guess the first number in the code. Of course, it can also happen that you don't have to find the right number if you have several symbols.

Depending on how many symbols you are missing, this can be a tedious tricky task. What makes it easier, however, is the fact that the rest of the symbol is always a number that has not yet been used. In this example, this means that you have to insert either the number 0, 1, 2, 4, 5 or 6.

You will receive this as a reward

In the server room you will always find randomized loot, which can be extremely helpful. However, when you first open it, you will definitely get a new legendary blueprint for the AN-94 assault rifle.

On the table in the server room you can find the blueprint for the AN-94.

In addition to the useful loot and the new legendary blueprint for the AN-94, you will also find clues to the game's possibly upcoming story. Did you solve the riddle or did you have problems? Please write us in the comments.

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