CoD Warzone: Season 2 opens really strong loot spots - now without a keycard


CoD Warzone: Season 2 opens really strong loot spots - now without a keycard

In Call of Duty: Warzone there are several hidden areas where special items or strong loot are waiting. Some of these areas are now completely freely accessible with the new Season 2 - for example in Stadium.

What are these loot spots? It's about the secret rooms in Stadium, which were actually intended for the secret Enigma blueprint for the CR-56 AMAX . Previously, players needed blue key cards to enter the rooms. These cards were distributed in the stadium itself.

Now the rooms are apparently easy to enter. They are open even without the key cards and are bulging with loot. The reddit user errlloyd shows this in a short clip:

Stadium loot is still stocked, but no longer requires a key. from r/CODWarzone

 What is there to get here? Apparently the rooms are full of boxes with legendary weapons, killstreaks and equipment. Some of the users under the post even request that the creator delete the post again. They see their loot area in danger.

If you want to land there yourself, you should be careful. The word has probably already got around that there is a lot to gain at Stadium and you will quickly meet opponents there.

The blueprint for which the rooms were actually intended, on the other hand, no longer seems to be part of the loot. There were problems with the Enigma blueprint before . This is something that some of the players have been criticizing since the release of the new Season 2 .

More loot, fewer Easter eggs?

Here's the criticism: Players seem to be bothered by Warzone's Easter Eggs being removed from the game. This cuts the connection to Modern Warfare and turns Warzone into Cold War, as the user DesignatedDonut1 claims on reddit.

This has been a problem for a long time. Back in January, many players were angry about the Cold War integration. Some of the weapons like the DMR 14 and the MAC-10 that the new part brought with it are about far too powerful. They demanded that everything should go away again.

On the other hand, the reddit user IamMrMacgee says that the removal of MW Easter eggs is more due to the fact that the Verdansk map will soon be obsolete. He says that after the current outbreak event, the card would probably end. And so far it looks like everything points to a huge explosion and a new map in April .

Where can I get more loot? If you want to explore Verdansk for a while, Season 2 now has even more opportunities to get strong loot. There are new silos full of loot that work in a similar way to the bunkers on the map. You don't need any key cards here either, the silos are simply open.

If you are looking for a little more challenge, you can try to shoot your way through the new zombies on the map. At the shipwreck you will find a new event where you have to kill 40 zombies. For this you will receive a yellow keycard that will lead you to a special loot box nearby .

What other great loot areas have you discovered?

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