CoD Warzone secretly changes essays and destroys powerful weapons from Cold War


CoD Warzone secretly changes essays and destroys powerful weapons from Cold War

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone nerds important attachments for “Cold War” weapons with range, making some powerful weapons almost unusable. On OkayGotcha you can find out which guns you should leave in the closet and why this will change again soon.

What essays are you talking about? It's about the popular silencer attachments for weapons from Black Ops Cold War . More precisely: The muzzle attachments on slot 6, which you unlock last:

  • Agency silencers
  • Wrapped silencer
  • GRU flash hider

These parts are practically the counterpart to the “monolith silencer” for weapons from Modern Warfare - one of the most important essays in Call of Duty: Warzone. A secret change with Season 2 made the attachments significantly weaker and thus also the weapons that benefited from the attachments.

OkayGotcha shows you which weapons you should do without in Warzone for the time being and how you can replace them. We'll also show you what the developers have to say about the change. If you want to see an analysis of the essays in the video, stop by the English YouTuber and Warzone expert “JGOD”. We embed his video here for you:

A lot of Cold War weapons suffer badly from adaptation

What happened to the essays? Before Season 2 you could use it to increase your ball speed and range, in addition to the sound-absorbing effect.

Now the silencers reduce your bullet speed by an outrageous 45% and thus bring some powerful weapons from Cold War in Warzone into trouble. Because the essay was very important so that range weapons from Cold War could keep up with their competitors from CoD MW.

Which weapons should I avoid first? Except for the best submachine guns in Warzone , you should currently do without the “Cold War” weapons. All all-round weapons that offer you a little more range currently have a disadvantage compared to the ratchets from CoD MW. The most important:

  • Groza - assault rifle
  • FFAR 1 - assault rifle
  • Stoner 63 - LMG
  • DMR 14 - tactical rifle
  • M16 - tactical rifle
  • Pellington sniper rifle
  • Tundra - sniper rifle

But all other assault rifles, LMGs and tactical rifles are also suffering from the change. Only FFAR 1 can currently hold its own, because it is more effective over smaller distances. But keep your hands off the nerfed silencers.

Look for alternatives, but don't say goodbye

What can I take instead? At the moment you should rather fall back on the arsenal of Modern Warfare. Our suggestions:

  • Replacement for all-round weapons with a short range: CR-56 AMAX assault rifle
  • Replacement for all-round weapons with a long range: M4A1 assault rifle
  • Replacement for tactical rifles: DMRs SP-R 208 or Kar 98k
  • Replacement for sniper: sniper rifles AX-50 or HDR

If you don't want to be at a disadvantage with your weapon power, then use the guns from CoD MW again for the time being. But don't put your FFAR too far back in the closet. Chances are you'll be able to dig them out again soon.

What do the developers say about it? The CoD makers have said about the Nerf:

The customization can also be found on CoD's Trello board . Here the developers collect known bugs and show what is currently being worked on. The entry with the muffler Nerf has the comment “fixed planned” and has already left the “research” phase behind. An adjustment could come as early as the week. There is currently no fixed date.

In Season 2, it's not just weapon changes that bring a breath of fresh air to the Warzone. There are new rocket silos to marvel at, NPC zombies to burn and a few strong loot areas are now open and can be entered without a key card . This not only messes up the choice of weapons, but also your own route in the Battle Royale - but look at the innovations without “Cold War” weapons. 

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