Devil May Cry Mobile: Virgil Coming, Final Beta Date Announced

 Chinese developer Yunchang Game has revealed yet another playable character for Devil May Cry Mobile . If before that Dante and Lady were shown to us , now it is Virgil himself. His fighting style differs from other characters. In addition, the developers, together with Capcom, have improved the graphics; this goes for the lighting, as well as Virgil's costume and hair. His skills were also changed, because on the touch screen you can not do what you can do on a gamepad. For Virgil's legendary katana, Yamato, it was difficult to design. They took Devil May Cry 4 as a basis.

By the way, Dante also decided to change. This happened after negative feedback from testers. It was not shown in the trailer, it may appear on the developers stream on March 23rd. Also: the game uses physically correct rendering. Thanks to this, the flow of light is simulated in real time.

Devil May Cry Mobile will be released on iOS and Android. The final stage of beta testing will take place on March 25th in China. Nothing is said about the global version yet.

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