Dragon Ball Super and Granola the survivor: Who's who in the new adventure?


Dragon Ball Super and Granola the survivor: Who's who in the new adventure?

The new story arc of the series starring Goku and Vegeta already has three chapters in the manga with new characters. We detail who they are.

Dragon Ball Super continues its course. The anime series has been on hold since 2018, but in the manga the idea of Akira Toriyama and the execution of Toyotaro , his disciple, continue their course. After the tournament of power, where the anime ended, we have experienced one of the best arcs of Super with everything that happened around Moro , the greatest enemy in the universe. But now we are in another scenario: Granola the survivor .

At the conclusion of the battle against Moro, we see how Goku and Vegeta are decorated for their performance before the great villain. In addition, we also see how Merus has finally been forgiven, but will no longer have the status of an angel. After this, everything starts when someone steals what is left of Thirteen Seven, one of the villains from the previous arc. At that moment a mysterious character appears: Granola. A kind of space pirate who steals said prototype and escapes. Here begins the new of Toriyama and Toyotaro. Let's review: Who's who in this new story arc?

Granola, the great antagonist

Granola is part of the race of the Ceresians, a people that disappeared at the hands of Freeza . His main task is to take revenge on the Emperor, especially now that he knows that he has risen. To achieve this, he wants to become the strongest in the universe since with his current power, he knows that it would not be possible. He acts as a bounty hunter at the hands of Elec Heata , but will soon start to go his own way when he asks, as he wishes the dragon balls on his planet, to be the strongest.

Granola and Automil, in your eye.


It is an artificial intelligence that is placed in Granola's eye through the bandana that he is wearing. It has its own entity, talks to the character often, and has different elements that give Granola an advantage in combat . It serves to get to know the wills and concerns of the one who is being the protagonist of this new arc.

Elec Heata and his minions

Granola works as a mercenary for an elite space pirates who have Elec Heata as the main leader. The group is completed with other brothers such as Oil Heata, Maki Heata and Gas Heata . Elec explains in the chapter that the great power today is information and not force, and he knows everything that happens in the universe. He's the one who tells Granola that Freeza is alive. As for the brothers, Oil is the big guy in the group, Maki is the girl in the group and Gas seems to be the strongest. In a match with Granola, win with some ease. That is where Granola understands that he is far from being able to execute his revenge.

Heata space pirates.

Monite, the namekian

Monite is a Namekian who is found on the planet of Granola, where they live together far from the Shuga race , who are now the majority on that planet. As with other Namekians, he created the dragon balls, with the particularity that in his case only two balls are necessary to be able to summon the dragon. When Granola knows the capabilities of this power and finds the second, he will ask for the desire to be the strongest in the universe. Will they grant it?

Monite, creator of the dragon balls on your planet.

Where does the new story arc go?

In this new adventure we find three key points that are worth following closely and that will surely begin to be uncovered in the next chapter, scheduled for March 18 at 4:00 p.m. for free on Manga Plus . The first one is obvious: Will Granola be the strongest in the universe? If he is granted it, he will not hesitate to go for Freeza and also for the Saiyans, since it was these in his Ozaru form who destroyed his race, a plot that can recall precisely what happens in Dragon Ball GT with the bow. by Baby.

On the other hand, we have the Heata brothers , who gather information about the Dragon Balls and remember that precisely Monite , the one who lives with Granola, is a Namekian. We will see if these space pirates have more travel or are going to run into a superlative Granola that is going to kill them. If anything, it doesn't seem like it's their last appearance and they'll still have things to say.

Vegeta with Beerus as a teacher?

And lastly, we have Vegeta . Goku already masters the Ultra instinct and transforms when he wants, although Whis says that this is only the beginning and he needs to master it much more. For his part, Beerus intends to train Vegeta so that he can master his destruction techniques (Hakai?) Who knows if so that he becomes the successor of the God of Destruction. In any case, it seems that Vegeta will follow the path of Toppo in his universe and we will have two totally different types of warrior: Goku and Vegeta as replicas of Whis and Beerus.

Can I read the new Dragon Ball Super arc?

Yes, until March 18 you will be able to see the three chapters that are located in the story of Granola, the survivor. Manga Plus is a free app that allows you to read the last three chapters of the Dragon Ball manga. At the moment, precisely the three that comprise this arc are available, but on March 18, when the fourth arrives, the first of all will disappear. Here you can find them.

What will happen in the next chapter?

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