Dragon Ball Super - The end of the anime turns 3 today. When will the series return with new episodes?


Dragon Ball Super - The end of the anime turns 3 today. When will the series return with new episodes?

How time flies, for Dende's sake ! Today, March 25, 2021, marks 3 years since the premiere of the last anime chapter of Dragon Ball Super . Months later we had the premiere of Dragon Ball Super Broly , the direct sequel to the series, but since then, Son Goku fans carry orphans from canonical anime. Even when? 

Dragon Ball fans around the globe will never forget the latest anime episodes of Dragon Ball Super , with the climax of the Tournament of Power on the surface. How not to remember those American squares full of people witnessing the final combat of Son Goku and his friends? It was an event that marked a great era, something unique in the franchise until that moment, without a doubt.

And not only for those fans who filled the centers of their towns and cities, but also for those of us who live it in our homes, glued to the television until the wee hours of the morning, waiting for  Crunchyroll to upload the chapter of rigor. The new era of Dragon Ball  does not stop giving us great events, not only with the last bars of this anime in 2018, but also with the last 3 theatrical releases of the films of the series, not in vain it was the first time that many fans were able to see a Z Warriors movie on the big screen, and that's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But, something does not add up, was really Dragon Ball Super a failure, as pointed out by some sectors that are not the majority at all? Not at all, the series is still TOP 1 of Toei Animation and Bandai Namco , even without canonical chapters for 3 years, and the quality of this anime did not stop growing in those times, giving us a colophon like the one you will see just below, one of the most epic moments in all of Dragon Ball history that fans adore with madness and fervor: 

Obviously, the fans of the series are looking forward to the return of the canonical anime to the small screen, but at the moment there is no news of the return, although it was already working on it in November 2018. Thus, there is no other choice but to wait, In fact, we remind you that this weekend there are a couple of official events where Dragon Ball Super will have a leading role, and who knows...

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