Dragon Ball Z - Nappa figure announced ... with hair!


Dragon Ball Z - Nappa figure announced

In the land of the rising sun, there is a curious lottery called Ichiban Kuji with which you can win super cool Dragon Ball merchandising . Curiously, this lottery has also come to our lives and every day more fans enjoy these unique tickets. And of course, the figures could not be absent in this game of chance that ... always plays! No kidding, that is the great attraction of ichiban tickets, which always have a prize, whether they are larger or smaller. 

Well, in recent days the new figures that will arrive at the Japanese Ichiban Kuji lottery next July have already been revealed . Among all the figures we could highlight the Nappa piece , do you know why?

Although the base figure will not have much mystery, although it must be recognized that the finish is spectacular, super faithful to the work of Akira Toriyama , something has been confirmed that has drawn a smile on our face. Do you remember Nappa with hair?

The first time we saw him in that way was in the TV special of The Last Fight , although the Pantenne hair of this saiyan has also been seen in the recent feature film of Dragon Ball Super Broly . The point is ... the Nappa figure we are talking about will have a special version with hair! Although yes, it will be very difficult to get, not in vain will it be the Last One of the Ichiban Kuji , that is, it can only be obtained with the last remaining lottery ticket in stores. Do you want to see how it will look? There it goes!

Dragon Ball Z - Nappa figure

As you can see, the finish is wonderful, so we hope that the figure can reach our Ichiban Kuji and ... who knows if it can be acquired in a more massive way! 

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