DrDisrespect is not allowed to play in the $ 100,000 tournament in CoD Warzone


DrDisrespect is not allowed to play in the $ 100,000 tournament in CoD Warzone

The YouTuber DrDisrespect became a star on Twitch until he was banned in June 2020. But although he has now re-established himself as a major streamer on YouTube, he still feels bad about the ban. The ban prevents DrDisrespect from participating in a lucrative tournament in CoD Warzone .

What kind of tournament is that? It's the "Toronto Ultra $ 100k Payout": a tournament hosted by a Canadian esports team and involving professionals and streamers. It will take place today, March 1st, and tomorrow.

36 teams play in the tournament for a total of $ 100,000 in prize money: This is one of the largest tournaments by “CoD Warzone” standards.

The teams compete in public lobbies and have to collect as many points as possible. Points are awarded for kills and placement: It is a kind of competition to determine which streamers and which pro can shoot away most of the "normal players" in a set time.

The organizers certainly hope that the participants do not encounter too many cheaters - because hackers have ruined tournaments in CoD Warzone several times.

That's the problem with DrDisrespect: The YouTube streamer Zlaner actually planned to compete in the tournament together with DrDisrespect. But he says: It doesn't work.

According to Zlaner, he is allowed to play in the Toronto tournament himself, but the Doctor is not allowed to do so.

I got a message from the organizers, from Toronto Ultra and Call of Duty: And the doc is not allowed to participate.

I suppose it has something to do with the Twitch ban. I wrote to the doc right away and asked: Bro, is there anything you can do?


But the doc replied: “Unfortunately no. It's weird that they won't let me play this part. " 

Twitch ban is even annoying when you're on YouTube

Why isn't he allowed to play? It's not clear why the organizers forbid the Doctor from participating. But Zlaner and many fans suspect: It is due to the permanent Twitch ban that DrDisrespect received in June 2020.

A nasty detail of a Twitch ban is that you are not allowed to appear in the streams of other Twitch streamers, otherwise you will be penalized and even banned.

The rule is to prevent you from circumventing your own Twitch ban by simply co-streamering someone else:

A Twitch ban turns a banned player into a “leper”, so to speak, with whom nobody is allowed to have contact anymore. Twitch takes this seriously: Twitch streamers have already been banned from appearing in a stream with one of these “lepers”.

Since there will probably be a lot of Twitch streamers at the tournament and DrDisrespect would be in the streams of the others, a problem could arise here.

Conversely, this means that anyone who has been banned from Twitch will have problems participating in major tournaments, even if they are no longer on Twitch.

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