FAQ on Mr. Prepper - answers to frequently asked questions

 The most popular questions about Mr. Prepper: how to improve a room, use traps, where to get an ax, how to find a car, and more

In this guide, we've put together a list of all Mr. Prepper and have answered each one.

How can I improve my room?

Room Upgrades are small square tiles that can be placed in the upper right corner of any room. These tiles have different effects. Some increase the productivity of the furnace, others speed up crafting (which means they should be placed in a room with a workbench), and so on. The ability to install improvements appeared only in the full version of the game, after its release on April 18. You will receive your first upgrade for helping the Minuteman. It seems after you send him a jar of blueberry jam. Upgrade your workbench and make new room upgrades.

Mr. Prepper

How to earn?

Collect blueberries and sell them to the Herbalist. Set traps and sell meat. Ready or fresh. You can also visit the mine, collect fuel and start mining devices. Sell ​​the collected jewelry to Bob. Fuel can be bought from Joe's landfill.

How to put a workbench in a bunker?

First, dig the first bunker room and create a ladder on the workbench. After that, install the ladder, take the workbench with you and go downstairs. For convenience, you can pre-craft and install a wall lamp. Then remove the workbench from inventory (by dragging) and select a place for it. It should glow green. If it doesn't, hold down the LEFT SHIFT and move the mouse gently. This is a more precise setting for the position of the item.

How to plant seeds?

If you don't have land, dig another room. Then use the workbench to turn the ground into a piece of land. Place these areas in any room in the bunker. Interact with them to select the plant you want. Remember that not all seeds can be planted on plots of land. Only the simplest ones - carrots, beets, and so on. For more rare ones, you will need a tub, which you can create on the workbench as soon as you pump it to the second level. You don't need to add earth to it. Just craft, place in the bunker and interact. In addition, for the plants to grow, they should be provided with water (have it in the tap or make buckets and put it outside) and light.

How do I build a room?

Select the "home" icon at the bottom of the screen or press the B key. You will see potential locations for creating a bunker room. They will all be highlighted in green. The length of a room cannot exceed four units.

How to build a missile silo?

Each time you need to interact with the map, which you can transfer to the bunker and hang on the wall. This will determine what resources are needed for the next phase of construction. Below, just in case, I will give a list of the rarest items and where to find them:

  • Artificial horizon - at the end of the Plane Crash quest for Jenny, when you examine the crashed plane at the last location of the fifth forest level (5-10).
  • Hydrogen - you can find the only cylinder in the game at level 5 of the mine.
  • Missile control module - on the Observer base according to the quest "Who are the observers?"

How do I get fabric?

If you are in urgent need of fabric, you will need to take apart the carpet or sofa on the workbench. For the absence of a carpet, the suspicion rating will not grow so rapidly. Then the fabric can be bought from Joe at the junkyard or at the Jetson house (carpets, sofas).

Where can I get an ax?

Be patient and wait until you meet Joe from the junkyard. When you help him for the first time, you will be able to trade. He will have an ax. Be sure to disassemble the first ax on the workbench to get its blueprint.

Where to get metal?

Buy various metal items from Sergey. Later, metal can be bought from Joe. In the mine, you can extract iron ore, then melt it in a furnace. Very comfortably!

Where can I get fuel?

Fuel is scattered across the various floors of the mine, but can also be purchased from Joe at the junkyard. You will find even more fuel when you drive through the desert.

Where can I get foil?

Once you take this quest, go right and repair the car. Refuel it and head out into the desert. You only need to drive through the first section (with the LMB held down to avoid any obstacles), kill enemies and inspect the location. There is always a piece of shiny foil lying around here somewhere.

Where can I find leverage?

Each lever is located on the last location of the forest. Except for the first one, who may be lying next to old Jenny, hiding in the bushes.

Where can I get the stone?

Stones can be mined in the mine. Smash huge boulders with a pickaxe. It will also be possible to buy from Bob from the mine.

Where can I find seeds?

The seeds are hidden in drawers in your home kitchen. Also, you will find several packages in Jenny's house in the forest when you deal with the wolves. You can also buy them from Jenny or at the supermarket.

Where to get plastic?

You can buy from Joe from the junkyard, or you can buy various things from the Jetsons and disassemble them.

Where can I get a car?

At the location "Junkyard", where you will get after helping Bob from the mine. The car will have to be repaired, but this requires only metal.

Where can I get glass?

Buy from Bob from the mine or disassemble items that can be purchased from the Jetsons.

Where to find Chupacabra?

As soon as you take this task, be patient and proceed to the fourth level of the forest. At the very end there is a cage, and there will be Joe's dog. Just free her.

Where can I find a pass to mine -4?

The pass will be given to Joe from the junkyard when you help him with a couple of tasks.

Where can I find a herbalist?

You should go to the herbalist in the forest exclusively during the day. Proceed to one of the distant locations of the first level of the forest and look for moving bushes. Click on them to make old Jenny go outside.

Where to set traps?

Create a trap and then head into the forest. Buy bait. Install anywhere in the forest by simply dragging from your inventory. Interact and charge the bait. Go home and come back here after a while. No, no one will show the killed animals. Just interact with the trap if there is an "exclamation mark" above it to get meat and some kind of trophy (like a tusk). Trophies can be sold to the hunter to earn money.

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