Final Fantasy VII Remake will no longer have DLCs - More details on Yuffie, First Soldier and Ever Crisis


Final Fantasy VII Remake will no longer have DLCs - More details on Yuffie, First Soldier and Ever Crisis

Testuya Nomura has given an interview that has allowed to know more details about Final Fantasy VII Remake and the content of other games associated with Square Enix's work.

Final Fantasy VII Remake shed lots of details about its future in the past State of Play and featured several games closely linked to the legendary title that made Cloud and company known.

Now, one of the visible faces of Square Enix and director of the remake, Tetsuya Nomura, has spoken with Famitsu leaving important information about the game, the version of PS5, the DLC of Yuffie and the two mobile titles announced together.

First of all, we have more detail about the Yuffie episode that acts as the DLC of this first part of the remake. We will have new spells and matters with this new content. In addition, Nomura has highlighted that it will only be possible to play with Yuffie, although Sonon will also fight alongside us.

Mentioning the PS5 version, the Japanese manager clarified that the development of Integrade helped the studio prepare for the new generation. It is also confirmed that there are no more DLC planned for the first part of the remake and that the team is now focusing on the development of the sequel. New DLCs will be considered after the launch of Part 2.

Regarding Final Fantasy VII First Soldier , the mobile battle royale that left fans amazed, Nomura has commented that he wants it to be a solid experience on mobile and that it is an attempt to attract audiences that stay away from the saga. .

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis has also been mentioned  , whose chapters will be free, although there will be systems that incorporate microtransactions. The title has been indicated to contain story that we did not see in the original game and that will address the First Soldier plot and more. The FFVII plot in Ever Crisis will have 10 chapters.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Finally, the Japanese manager has promised news for next year and for the next , so it seems that we will have a lot to talk about with Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

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