Fortnite threatens to ban its biggest Twitch streamer if it continues to be naughty


Fortnite threatens to ban its biggest Twitch streamer if it continues to be naughty

The Twitch streamer Cody “Clix” Conrod received a warning from Epic that he should stop with “wagers”, i.e. betting money on the game. Should he not adhere to it, he could even face a ban from Fortnite . We'll show you what happened.

This is what happened: The Fortnite streamer Clix posted on Twitter that he will now stop with “wagers”. He had received a warning from Epic personally that he should stop. If he didn't finish his bets, Epic would ban him from Fortnite.

In the tweet, he warns other players: Above all, Clix wants the other players to be aware of this situation as well.

I won't play any more and won't have anything to do with wagers either. I just got a personal warning from Epic and was told to stop this or it would end under a spell. I recommend others to stop too.

Clix on Twitter

A Fortnite ban wouldn't be ideal for Clix, as he's the biggest Fortnite streamer right now. In the last few days he had the highest number of hours watched on Twitch in the Fortnite category (via ).

The young streamer recently escaped a permanent ban on Twitch. There was a sexually suggestive folder picture in his Twitch stream for seconds. His fans probably played a major role in the liberation.

Betting no longer allowed in Fortnite?

What are wagers anyway? Wagers are a type of betting. Players and streamers meet in a game and play for money. These can be small amounts, but also larger sums. Whoever wins, collects the profit - some top young players in particular pass their time in Fortnite with games like this.

This “gamblers gamble for money and bets” is kind of a “dark side” of esports. This is also known from other professional athletes. You're not betting for the money, but for the thrill.

These bets seem to be very common even among the very young Fortnite players looking for direct duels and wanting to add tension by betting money. Clix has been banned from Twitch for playing with a streamer who dubbed himself “# 1 Wagerer in the World”.

Now Epic seems to want to tackle it itself by threatening the young Fortnite streamer with a ban if he doesn't stop betting. However, it is not clear whether Epic would like to generally ban wagers or at least restrict competition and “gambling” among minors. After all, Clix is ​​only 16 and therefore not yet of legal age.

Clix is ​​Fortnite's poster board for a young generation of gamers at the moment. In 2021 he will play the role that Ninja used to play and Tfue a little later. He is "the face of Fortnite" on Twitch right now.

So far there has been no statement from Epic as to how they would like to continue with the games. The young Fortnite streamer seems to take the warning seriously and will probably stay away from it. After all, he put $ 6,000 into his game setup to be even better at Fortnite - so a ban wouldn't be worth it. 

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