Genshin Impact is probably adding a new element to your traveler - that is known


Genshin Impact is probably adding a new element to your traveler - that is known

A leak about Genshin Impact raises hopes that we will soon see a new form of traveler. This is how the Electro traveler was found who could soon come into play.

This is the leak: It comes from the Twitter channel Lumie. The channel is considered a trustworthy leaker around Genshin and had already promised a few other characters correctly.

Now he shows a video that shows an Electro traveler. That is quite exciting, because so far the traveler has only been available with the elements Geo and Anemo. Now the element electrical could soon be added. We'll include the clip here:

Electro traveler in Genshin Impact - does it fit?

What exactly is in the leak? There is not much information in the leak. Only the appearance of the male and female forms of the character is shown.

Lumie writes that the characters' abilities have not yet been added, so no conclusions can be drawn there. How strong the traveler becomes in this form is not yet known. 

When could the Electro traveler come? In the last few days there have been numerous leaks around Update 1.5 . This is the update, what's next. A few characters have already been leaked there that are likely to come with this update.

The data on the Electro traveler are still quite thin. Then there are the other characters that will appear in the next update. Because of this, it is assumed that the new traveler will only appear in Genshin Impact for update 1.6.

So we would have to wait at least a few more weeks until the release. Update 1.6 should appear in about 10 weeks according to the current status. Update 1.5 would still be 4-5 weeks away if you assume the current season pass.

That would have to go hand in hand with the new shape: travelers can only change their shape at the statue in the respective region. For the regions Liyue and Lunar City there are the elements Anemo and Geo for the traveler. Now a new element for the traveler would also be a clue for a new region in Genshin Impact.

Inazuma is currently being traded as a new region. This area is expected by many players in Update 1.5, because no major innovations have been added in the last few updates. So it would be time to start a new area.

The Electro traveler should therefore appear at the earliest when the new area is released. Because so far the traveler has only been able to change his elements on worship statues in the different regions.

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