Get free protogems in Genshin Impact with this gift code

 With a limited duration code, you will be able to get not only some protogems, but also 10,000 blackberries.

Genshin Impact arrived about half a year ago and became a real hit. Despite the constant criticism based on the fact that it is a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the truth is that it is a very good game, very fun and, what is better, totally free. In fact, getting all the weapons and characters available in the title can be done for free too, although it is somewhat more complicated and very late.

Now we have started a new season of Genshin Impact thanks to version 1.4 where Venti returns to a Gachapon and they have included Rosaria as a new playable character. Of course, they are not obtained in a jiffy and it will take a few rolls to the Gachapon to get these characters. The protogemas is a very valuable coin, because we allow you to buy what many know as "desires" (which is used to print runs). Luckily, there are often ways to get extra protogems.

New gift code with protogems and blackberries for Genshin Impact

As has been echoed in networks and websites such as Twitter or even Chollómetro, there is a code available since yesterday at least that offers us the following rewards without any additional cost (we also show the code below). Unfortunately, we do not know how long this code will be available, so we recommend that you hurry just in case to get these protogems.

  • 60 protogems
  • 10,000 blackberries (another common currency of Genshin Impact that will be used to buy in different stores around the world)
  • The code to use is GS6ACJ775KNV

Get free protogems in Genshin Impact with this gift code

How to redeem a code?

To redeem the code you must do it as follows:
  1. Once you are in the middle of your Genshin Impact game, go to the Paimon menu
  2. In this menu, select Settings
  3. Once you are in Settings, an option called Redeem will appear, where you can enter the code provided above and enjoy your reward

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