Graphic mod gives ESO a beauty treatment - "Wow, that looks good"


Graphic mod gives ESO a beauty treatment - "Wow, that looks good"

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is now almost 7 years old. With a graphic mod, the online role-playing game shines in new splendor.

What kind of mod is that? The modification ESO Redefined by developer Exhalted has had a pretty big effect on the PC version of the MMORPG. Thanks to new lighting and revised shadows and colors, a completely different atmosphere is created.

Interestingly, it wasn't that noticeable before the mod, but in direct comparison with the new lighting, the original ESO now looks very cold. The revised colors, the deeper shadows and the different light in ESO Redefined make the Tamriel game world look more like a Mediterranean vacation paradise.

This can be explained roughly with the difference in atmosphere between the original The Witcher 3 and the addon Blood & Wine. The entire atmosphere in the expansion of CD Projekt roleplay seems like a summer vacation. And so it is in Tamriel with the Mod ESO Redefined.

In addition, the nights are darker and no longer appear so bluish. The dungeons are also given a gloomy mood, which makes them look even more threatening.

You can see the differences in the video:

A new atmosphere for the MMORPG ESO

How is the mod received in the community? We summarize some of the voices of the users for you:

  • 김 뤄셀 writes (via Youtube ): “Wow, that looks good. Now I could try ESO too. "
  • MiddleFinger says (via Youtube ): "Holy Moly, that's really cool!"
  • Cuban Cucumber explains (via Youtube ): “I also love the way Vvardenfell looks. I always thought it was too bluish and colorful for a country with so many volcanoes. "
  • Out The Cuts has a suggestion (via Youtube ): "You should officially introduce this mod into the game with an upcoming update!"

This is how you get the mod: Downloading and installing the mod is very easy. We explain how to do it:

  • You download ESO Redefined via Nexusmods (via Nexusmods ). The file is only 13MB in size.
  • Then you unzip the file
  • Copies the contents into the directory: SteamLibrary \ steamapps \ common \ Zenimax Online \ The Elder Scrolls Online \ game \ client
  • Open the Reshade.ini file and change the preset path there as your directory looks like
  • Now start ESO and press Shift and F2
  • Select "ESO: Redefined" in the menu that now opens
Please note the following: You may now have to adjust the brightness settings again in the game. If there are problems starting, then rename the “dxgi.dll” file in the ESO directory to “d3d11.dll”. In addition, you have to expect a drop in performance. Your fps could be reduced significantly due to the mod.

What do you think of the mod? Do you think ESO looks better now or do you like the original version more?

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