GTA 6 revealed what fans couldn't dream of

 While Rockstar Games is trying not to advertise the development of the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6, the game revealed something that fans could not dream of.

Fans of the upcoming open-world action game GTA 6 have yet to figure out which game mechanics will appear in the new game from Rockstar Games. Because of this, many of them began to speculate themselves about what might await them in Grand Theft Auto VI. Some of them decided to remember GTA: San Andreas. They believe that in order to create a real next generation game, the developers of GTA 6 should return the system of war for the territory (Gang Warfare). Modern powerful processors will take it to a whole new level. Developers will be able to implement a constant calculation of various actions of gangs that will fight each other in real time, seize territories, create checkpoints, patrol and even change controlled areas.

GTA 6 revealed what fans couldn't dream of

Fans believe that due to the "hardware" of the new generation in GTA VI, developers will be able to create a realistic war for territory, which will affect the location of various groups and the arrangement of areas even without the participation of the player. This kind of mechanics in Grand Theft Auto 6 will greatly affect the gameplay. Some areas will be more dangerous than others, and interaction with gangs will allow you to receive unique missions and rewards for them. The world will feel truly alive as players can simply watch the city change under the influence of criminal gangs.

Fans of Rockstar Games also believe that in GTA 6, factions can be made as diverse as possible, since according to rumors, the city of Vice City will be the place of action. Bikers, gangs of Haitians, a criminal organization of Cubans, the Italian mafia of the Forelli family and others will fight for territory and influence. Gamers believe that such a variety of factions will take GTA VI to the next level.

Earlier, several reputable insiders and journalists said that GTA 6 is in development, but Rockstar Games has not made any official announcements yet. According to some information, the plot will develop in the 1980s in Vice City.

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